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XInput is a program that gives you control over your Xbox controller to play computer games. The software is supported by most games and has an easy interface for developers.

Take control

XInput is a program that allows you to control your Xbox controller while playing computer games. The software is supported by most games and has an easy interface for developers.

Control all the settings for your gaming controllers with XInput. The software is a Microsoft application programming interface (API) that is an updated version of DirectInput. It offers support for new controllers and has more analog options.

You’ll enrich your gaming experience by toggling the joystick settings. XInput has a simple interface, making it easier for both developers and die-hard gamers to enjoy their favorite games.

You can choose how you want the analog stick to be triggered. Different games will require the analog stick to work in different ways, and XInput supports this. Vary your strategic gameplay by changing the analog triggers. Save time by keeping the same settings for every game you play.

Play with an Xbox 360 Controller, and take advantage of the features that XInput provides. Use the left and right buttons as separate controls, rather than one single button. Focus on the game with your friends by connecting a headset device, which will function as if you were playing on an Xbox.

Enhance your game time with a program that is supported by most PC games, that write their game code to enable XInput to feed data into it. The software proves to be invaluable for those who want to use their controllers to play their favorite games on the desktop.

There are a few downsides to XInput, which makes the program limited in some aspects. The vibration control has very basic features and doesn’t support a wide range of motors.

The software also doesn’t allow for a keyboard or mouse to be used and therefore forces users to buy a separate controller. XInput only supports 'new generation' controllers, which doesn’t cover Legacy Windows controllers.

Where can you run this program?

This program can only be run on Windows desktops that operate on Vista 7 or later.

Is there a better alternative?

XInput is clearly a useful software that enhances gameplay. It’s also popular with developers and game-makers, who build their games with the software in mind. Despite this, Despite this, World of Joysticks makes a better alternative. It emulates XInput but doesn’t have as many limitations.

Our take

XInput allows for better gameplay and more control over how the game is configured. It also has support for headsets, analog triggers, and vibration, but yet is lacking in some areas.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re an avid gamer or developer, you need to have XInput downloaded. It is supported by most PC games and will unlock a new gaming experience.

DS4 To XInput Wrapperfor Windows


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