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Google’s messaging platform

Hangouts is a social media service that enables you to contact colleagues and friends. It syncs with Gmail chat and YouTube for a seamless experience.

Stay in touch with Hangouts

Chat, send photos and video call with this handy Google messaging service.

Get the conversation flowing in this program, designed to keep you in the loop with those who matter. Whether it’s work, colleagues, family, or a group chat with your friends. This program easily connect you to people, and it makes communication simple.

Hangouts places a huge emphasis on its voice and video call features. This option is only available by downloading a separate application for Hangouts, Dialer, but it doesn’t take up much space. Google Voice controls the calling functionality of the app and has impressive video quality. Calls within the US are free, but you’ll be charged for international calls. Don’t worry though; it’s a small fee, and better than most international call rates

Users can toggle between their Google social platforms, as Hangouts switches effortlessly into Gmail chat, Google+ and YouTube. If a contact in is online on one of these platforms, you’ll see a little green dot next to their name. Sending chats and images through these different platforms is much easier than other applications. Hangouts sync your chats across multiple devices, which allows you to coordinate any work plans on the go.

Another cool feature included in this software is mobile games. If you’re waiting for a message or just bored, rifle through the games selection. Maybe challenge a friend. It’s worth noting that games are the only third-party extension offered by this app. Compared to other social media messaging services, it’s a very basic tool and is definitely lacking more extensions and plug-ins.

Where can you run this program?

This program is available on Android phones and tablets, but there are versions available for iOS and for computers using Windows OS as well.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. WhatsApp offers all the same services but has a wider user base so you can stay in touch with more people.

Our take

Google Hangouts can’t keep up with the big dogs of modern free social messaging. As integral as Gmail may be, Hangouts doesn’t achieve nearly the same irreplaceability.

Should you download it?

No. There are better and more popular messaging services that have more features.


  • Includes games
  • Easy interface
  • Send documents
  • images and videos
  • Integrates well with other Google services


  • Not enough users
  • Doesn’t have any third-party apps
  • Voice calls requires an extra app download

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Hangoutsfor Android


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