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GorMedia Morecamfor Windows



Gormedia Morecam: Use the same webcam in different apps

The demand for seamless and versatile video calling experiences has become more pronounced than ever. Amidst this dynamic realm, GorMedia MoreCam emerges as a beacon of innovation, promising a solution to a common challenge – the ability to engage in multiple video calls simultaneously. This utility application redefines webcam usage by sidestepping the complexities of virtual setups, offering users the freedom to connect effortlessly across various video chat applications. 

What is GorMedia Morecam?

In the realm of web communication, the demand for seamless video calling experiences has skyrocketed. Enter GorMedia MoreCam, a utility application designed to revolutionize your webcam usage. Unlike its counterparts, MoreCam doesn't rely on virtual webcams but directly splits your real webcam, enabling you to use multiple video chat applications simultaneously. If you find yourself juggling between Skype, and other video chatting software, MoreCam is the solution that eliminates conflicts and lets you connect effortlessly.

GorMedia Morecam Features

Effortless multitasking

One standout feature of GorMedia's MoreCam is its ability to let users engage in multiple video calls at the same time, a feat often restricted by other applications. It eliminates the need for creating virtual webcams, a common practice in software like manycam and youcam. MoreCam smoothly grants access to your physical webcam across various applications, providing a seamless experience without the hassle of conflicting virtual setups.

Virtual webcam functionality

For users without a physical webcam, MoreCam steps in with its automatic addition of a virtual webcam. This versatile feature allows you to use either an image file or a video as a webcam stream source, offering flexibility when resorting to a virtual web camera. The absence of a physical webcam is no longer a limitation, thanks to MoreCam's adaptive capabilities.

Creative expression with effects

Beyond its multitasking prowess, GorMedia MoreCam introduces an element of creativity to your video calls. Users can choose from a variety of unique effects to add a touch of liveliness to their conversations. Whether you want to lighten the mood or simply express yourself in a more dynamic way, MoreCam's effects enhance the visual appeal of your video calls, making them more engaging and enjoyable.

Recording capabilities

MoreCam doesn't just facilitate real-time communication; it also ensures you don't miss a moment. The application allows users to record all their video conversations, providing a valuable playback option for reviewing details or reliving memorable interactions. Additionally, the easy capture function enables users to take screengrabs of their conversations, a handy feature, especially when your contact shares their computer screen. The captured images are saved in JPEG format, and with the recent update, users can now opt for animated GIFs to preserve those candid moments.

Audio recording enhancement

In its latest update, GorMedia MoreCam has elevated the recording experience by enabling users to capture not only video but also audio clips from a microphone. This enhancement adds depth to your recorded conversations, allowing you to revisit not just the visual but also the auditory aspects of your past interactions. With the option to save recordings in MP4 format, MoreCam ensures a comprehensive and versatile recording feature set.

In conclusion, GorMedia MoreCam stands out as a reliable and feature-rich utility for those seeking a seamless and enhanced video chatting experience. Whether you're a professional managing multiple business meetings or an individual connecting with friends across different platforms, MoreCam's innovative features make it a must-have tool in the realm of webcam applications.


  • Lets you use the same camera in different apps
  • Easy interface


  • Outdated

GorMedia Morecamfor Windows


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