EasyBCDfor Windows


Boot the way you want

EasyBCD is a dual booting program that allows you not only to boot operating systems that you want, but to boot multiple ones simultaneously. It gives you the freedom to boot them in a safe, efficient, and convenient way.

Dual boot in any way

With this program, booting Windows, Linux, macOS, and BSD are all easy. Booting from discs, drives, ISO images, and more is simple using EasyBCD. The program also allows protection from boot issues, and even offers recovery utilities in the event that you run into an error. 

Its primary function is to give you access to operating systems that are no longer supported. For example, you can boot Windows 9x, MS-DOS, Windows 2000, and Windows ME. There are also older Mac systems you can run. It’s similar in function to Rufus that lets you boot operating systems from a USB device, except that you’ll receive many more functions.

Problems won’t stand in your way with EasyBCD

With EasyBCD, occasional problems you may run into with Windows won’t be there for long. Get backups and repairs for your bootloader, troubleshoot issues, and more. Put the repair kit on a USB drive and take the benefits of EasyBCD with you on the go. 

Edit and script with ease

You can take control of your entries by renaming, removing, configuring, and reordering them as you’d like. Additionally, you can also hide partitions, create complex boot scenarios, and change active flags, all with one tool.

Our take

For anyone who simply wants to boot legacy systems that Microsoft doesn’t support anymore, or wants to dual boot, this program is a must. It’s convenient and fills many uses besides just dual-booting, and comes with so many features that almost anyone can use it.

Should you download it?

While it isn’t made to fix a PC that won’t boot, EasyBCD can do just about anything else within the realm of booting programs. It’s a convenience and a pleasure to have in your arsenal when experimenting with different boot scenarios.


  • Versatile features
  • Complete control over boot scenarios
  • Runs many programs
  • Able to be portable


  • Can’t fix a computer that is unable to boot
  • Repair useless outside of already-capable boot sequences

EasyBCDfor Windows

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