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Launched as Good Old Games in 2008 by CD Projekt, GOG Galaxy became available in 2014 as a free video game client that distributes content on PCs. You can connect to other gaming platforms where you have an account or purchase new titles directly. It also lets you launch any product in your library installed on your device.

What is GOG Galaxy?

Modern gaming clients generally appear when publishers want to release their games on their platforms rather than relying on applications like Steam. For instance, many players turn to Ubisoft Connect, Epic Games, or EA Desktop App when they want to play titles related to those companies. GOG Galaxy takes a different approach.

You can connect any of your video gaming accounts to this PC client to view all progress and achievements. It migrates the data for you, and you’ll find your friends that have a GOG account, too. It lets you view which titles they own and compare your statistics and rewards.

How to connect GOG Galaxy

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll need to follow the following steps to connect GOG Galaxy to other gaming services:

  1. Head to the top left and click on the gear icon for your settings;
  2. Hover over ‘Add games & friends’, then select ‘Connect gaming accounts’;
  3. Ensure that you’re in ‘Platforms’, ‘Integrations’;
  4. Find your preferred platform and click on ‘Connect’;
  5. Sign in to the appropriate account to authorize the connection.

How to install games with GOG Galaxy

If you want to install any of your games on this client, you’ll need to select one of the gaming lists on the left panel. It consists of owned or linked titles from one of the connected services. The product will appear on the central dashboard, and you can click on ‘Install’ at the top if the option is available.

Our take

The gaming platform serves as a good hub or library to safely view all your titles and achievements in one place. It’s an excellent virtual location to compare leaderboards and trophies with friends and family.

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you’d like all your games in one place.


  • Provides central gaming location
  • Stunning interface
  • Connects to many other services


  • Multiplayer only available for select games

GOG Galaxyfor Windows


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