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CD Projekt launched Good for Games in 2008, which officially became known as In 2014, the company released GOG Galaxy as a free gaming client to rival the likes of Steam. It features a visually-stunning dashboard where you can view your titles and achievements in one place.

What is GOG Galaxy?

The client serves several purposes, namely, for software delivery, social networking, and storefront services. If you already own a game on your Mac device, it will locate it and add it to the platform for you to launch at any time. Alternatively, you’ll need to purchase a title from the shop before you can install it.

Connecting GOG Galaxy to other services on Mac

What sets this platform apart from similar services is that it doesn’t merely focus on one brand. You can connect to other gaming clients to hold all your favorite titles in a central location. However, this is only possible if you already have registered accounts for GOG and the other software providers you want to link to in the settings.

Integration on your Mac PC is easy. You’ll need to head to the gear icon and browse through the list of available services. You’ll see options like Epic Games, Ubisoft Connect, and Origin. Of course, we’re expecting an update to include the EA Desktop App soon, as it replaced the Origin brand.

Do you need GOG Galaxy to play games?

There’s no need to install the gaming client to play any games you own or wish to purchase. It’s merely another platform to connect all your accounts and subscriptions in a single place. If you want to compare trophies and progress for any title with friends and family, this service is perfect for that purpose.

Our take

Gamers worldwide love having a place to look at their collected games and compare stats with other players. While you’ll still keep your other gaming services for news and updates, GOG Galaxy is a welcome addition to your client library.

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you enjoy having a central warehouse for all your games.


  • Beautiful theme and colors
  • Integrates with other gaming clients
  • Cross-platform gameplay available
  • Intuitive user interface


  • Doesn’t link to all games

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

GOG Galaxyfor Mac

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