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A free fun shooter game for Windows

Far Cry 5 is a free first-person shooter game that takes place in an open world. Designed for Windows, the game takes place in Montana, United States of America. When you start the game, you join in as a young deputy who must arrest the leader of a cult. However, things don’t go as planned, and you find yourself facing an entire army of people resisting the arrest.

After completing the Far Cry 5 download for Windows, you’re able to easily play this entertaining game using your mouse and keyboard. The game features eye-catching landscapes of Montana, a happy community dominated by a cult, and some of the largest vehicles and customizable weapons you’ve ever seen. As a first-person shooter game, it gives good competition to alternative games like Fortnite Chapter 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Grand Theft Auto IV

What is the gameplay of Far Cry 5?

If you’re looking for a game that is set in an idyllic location but features chaotic destruction and violence - you’re in for a great ride with the Far Cry 5 multiplayer game. Developed by Ubisoft Entertainment, the game Far Cry 5 sees you as a young deputy who is tasked with arresting Joseph Seed - a leader of a cult dominating the good people of Montana. 

Once you begin playing Far Cry 5, you’ll notice how a quiet game of darts turns into burnt houses and dead people. As you progress through the game, you will be soon attacked by a group of enemy fighters. While you may get the support of friendly fighters, you may unexpectedly get attacked by an animal or a predatory bird. Considering all of this, Far Cry 5 is thoroughly a chaotic game of destruction and violence. 

Is Far Cry 5 a good game?

Unlike previous versions of Far Cry, this game sees you as a deputy who has been assigned to protect Montana’s Hope County. Furthermore, your character doesn’t have a voice or even a backstory. In fact, users create their avatar and choose the type of clothes, hair, and skin color they want. Since there are no monologues or dialogues to concentrate on, you’re able to easily take in the depth of the game and get a better understanding of all the characters that you encounter.

Another way that Far Cry 5 deviates from the previous games is that it doesn’t have you completing different objectives to progress through the game. You don’t need to climb towers, nor do you have to uncover vast territories to find and activate an item. In this version of the game, you’re free to explore Montana and tackle the cult followers of the antagonist Joseph Seed. 

If you like playing Far Cry, you will find the fifth version to be just as good as the previous installments. However, there are some changes to the way the protagonist has been placed with no storyline or voice to boast. Instead, as a nameless deputy sheriff, you are tasked with the challenge to dismantle a cult known for kidnapping, mass murders, and brainwashing. 

Is Far Cry 5 based on a true story?

Far Cry 5 isn’t based on a true story. However, the game does draw some similarities from the political scenario in the United States, along with a stark divide between the far right and the far left. The game doesn’t get into statements but does show players the world of militias, dominated by high-end weapons and machine guns. Apart from this, the game remains set in its franchise with a different storyline and protagonist. 

How many hours of gameplay does Far Cry 5 have?

Once you download the Far Cry 5 PC game on your Windows computer, you get access to a total of 25 hours of gameplay. However, that’s an ideal number. You may take longer to go through the entire game, defeat the cult leader, protect your squad and save the Hope county community from the cult called the Project at Eden’s Gate. 

Can you beat Far Cry 5?

Yes, you can! As long as you understand the intricacies and know why the resistance is happening - you’ll stay on the right path. As you tackle one farm after another, you get better at defeating the cult followers. You also get a chance to explore the beautiful countryside of America that gives competition to European countries. 

Our take

While Far Cry 5 has a lot to offer, the role of the protagonist seems distant. The deputy doesn’t have a voice or name, nor does he have a storyline that connects to the antagonist. It’s all about protecting the county of Hope without a deep connection. Apart from that, the game does give you the chance to explore the scenic countryside of Montana and indulge in uninterrupted violence and destruction. As a first-person shooter game - Far Cry 5 does well! 

Should you download it?

If you’re looking for an entertaining game that offers hours of fun, download Far Cry 5! The game ventures into multiple paths - absolute destruction, senseless politics, and a good attempt at a storyline. All these combined in a beautiful countryside setting that you can explore at leisure without completing different objectives. It’s different, fresh, and a step forward for the Far Cry franchise. 


  • Free to download and play
  • Features an interesting storyline
  • Has a strong antagonist
  • Beautiful scenic graphics of Montana


  • The protagonist has a distant role to the gameplay

Far Cry 5for Windows


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