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It's no news that we're now living in a fast-paced world where everything has to be done at the drop of a hat. Multitasking has become the new standard in both life and work, and it’s not everyone that can adapt to this so easily. Luckily for those of us who struggle to stay organized, there are applications like Evernote. Forget your pen, calendar and notebook, this office and productivity tool brings personal organisation to a whole new level.  

Evernote gives its users an easy way to access their notes at any time and from anywhere. The cloud-based app lets you effortlessly create notes on the go, attach files, voice notes and pictures, and share it with family, colleagues, classmates, etc. It also allows you to sync your files to all your devices. 

Improved efficiency in note taking 

Like many applications, access to the full list of features comes with a price. But first check out the free version of Evernote, it packs a punch.  

Evernote is one of the big players amongst the note taking apps. It has been in the business long enough to garner 225 million users all over the world. This comes as no surprise when you start using it, the app is jam-packed with features that make writing notes and documents so much easier. Like pretty much all applications these days, access to full features and functionality comes with a price. But this doesn't mean that it’s not worth trialing the free version. 

Bursting with features 

There are so many things that you can do with the Evernote app. You can create to-do-lists, set reminders, attach audio notes, scan text with your camera, all without the hassle of switching from one app to another. Users can also upload images onto the note directly and attach other files when needed. It's so easy to use, just simply drag and drop files onto whichever part of the note you want it to be placed. You can even highlight, annotate or comment on the images. In addition, the app also allows its users to scan documents, clip full pages, and texts straight from the web. Note-taking really becomes a no-brainer!

Evernote saves all your data to the cloud for easy access. This means that users can view their notes anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. You can also share your notes with other people via email or through a shareable link the app generates. 

Another key feature that elevates Evernote's game is the way they allow you to organize your notes. Users can create "notebooks" to divide different notes into the categories they prefer. You can even create and attach tags that help you to group similar files and notes, so you can search later with more efficiency.

Free vs. Paid

There's quite a few differences between Evernote’s free and paid versions. You can get the premium plan that gives you features such as turning your notes into presentations in one click, integration to different communication tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, and AI suggested content. It also brings up your monthly upload cap from 60MB to 1GB and allows you to create notes with sizes of up to 200MB. 

If you bump up your subscription to the business plan, you get the full access to all the app's features including team collaboration and integration to CRM tools such as Salesforce. Using the business plan, you can also edit notes with other users in real-time. The main account holder can also create permission-based access to different content as well as team administration. 

While the free version of Evernote is still fantastic, you can very much feel the difference when you upgrade to the paid services. For example, while both the Premium and Business account holders get access to email and live chat support, the basic/free account users can only rely on community support. This could put you in a tight position if you have concerns that need to be addressed ASAP.

Where can you run this program?

To the satisfaction of its many users, Evernote runs on several platforms such as Windows and Mac. The application is available on most mobile devices as they are both iOS and Android friendly. The app is literally designed for people on the go, users can dictate notes even while jogging using the app on Apple Watch and Android Gear! If you need to login to Evernote but don’t have your own computer or phone within reach, you can easily access your account using the web application. 

Is there a better alternative?  

There is an abundance of note taking and organisation apps that you can use as an alternative for Evernote. Microsoft OneNote is one example, and of course is the most suitable for computers that run on Windows. It offers many of the same features as Evernote, and it also allows you to password protect your files and notes. The best part is that it usually comes free or is included when you purchase the full Office 365 package. It's also available on several devices and has its own web application. 

Quip also comes up as a great alternative for note-taking. It's known for its fast, intuitive interface and it offers flexibility in formatting your notes. Quip also allows you to publish your notes straight to the web, making it perfect for bloggers. Its collaborative business package is definitely cheaper than Evernote.

Our take 

Overall, Evernote is a pretty useful tool to help you get more organized. Its interface is fast and straightforward, which means you can immediately start using the many features with no effort. It’s cloud-based which means you can access it anywhere and from any device. One annoying thing we found is the fact it opens up a new window for each note you create or edit. Users who don't like their task bar cluttered may find this a bit off-putting. Another disadvantage is the lack of technical support from the Evernote staff if you're not using a paid plan - don’t forget that account holders on the free version only get community support! But the benefits definitely outway the cons - the Evernote app is worth giving a shot.  

Should you download it? 

Yes, definitely try the free version and see how it works for you. Like the millions of Evernote users around the world, you might be convinced that the move to their premium package is money well spent. 


  • Users can access their apps easily anytime, anywhere
  • Sync your notes to different devices
  • Organize your notes effectively through tags and notebooks
  • Add full pages, images, and text straight from the internet


  • Access to the app’s full features can be expensive
  • There’s an upload cap even for paid plans
  • Number of notebooks created are limited
  • Very limited support for non-premium users

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