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Get the naughty goose on your desktop

You might have heard of the infamous Goose from Goose Game. Now you can own that same insufferable experience on your very own desktop. Except for this time, you’re not the goose. You’re the person minding your own business, with a goose that is interrupting your work, your day, and your life in general.

Blame it on the goose

This goose is more than just a tiny animation wandering across your screen. He does more than just take up a little space. He drags windows like Internet  Explorer around, changes the text on them, steals your mouse, and basically becomes a nuisance to your daily life. 

Does more than just waddle

Arguably, this goose will do more work than you do, mostly because it stops you from staying on task. It runs around and leaves tracks wherever it goes, honking and getting angry with even the most passive of behaviors. It drags memes, text, and other images onto the screen, all the while honking at you and occasionally stealing your mouse. 

Malicious, in a fun way

While the program in question does in fact mess with your PC, it’s only in good fun. It scans to see where your mouse is, and interacts with files that are stored within its own system. The program only acts the way it does in a fun, non-invasive manner. Some PC program analysts have claimed the program is a scam, but substantial evidence of this has yet to emerge despite the program's age and popularity.

Our take

A cute and fun program, Desktop Goose is for anyone who wants a desktop companion, albeit one who’s a little mischievous. While not a full-blown game in itself, Desktop Goose acts as entertainment for the bored internet seeker. It also acts as a small distraction from the everyday grind of work, giving a little variance to the monotony.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you are interested in a little diversion, then this program is for you. It offers some harmless fun and is a fully editable and adorable distraction from everyday work.


  • A cute, harmless program
  • Doesn’t take much hardware to run
  • Not too invasive


  • Does not work on Chromebook

Desktop Goosefor Windows


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