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Desktop Goose: Get the naughty goose on your desktop

If mischief had a name, it would shuffle as a virtual goose on your computer screen. Desktop Goose, an unconventional addition to the software lineup, promises entertainment, a touch of chaos, and loads of humor.

What is Desktop Goose?

The Desktop Goose is a playful and mischievous addition to your computer screen. Once installed, it roams around your desktop, causing various antics and interruptions. This goose is more than just a tiny animation wandering across your screen. He does more than just take up a little space. It drags windows like Internet  Explorer around, changes the text on them, steals your mouse, and basically becomes a nuisance to your daily life.Some of its activities include:

  • Cursor chasing: The goose may playfully follow or chase your cursor as you move it across the screen.
  • Meme delivery: It can drag memes or funny notes onto your desktop, adding a humorous touch to your workspace.
  • Playful interruptions: Expect unexpected interruptions during your computer activities, as the goose might pop up and create comical distractions.
  • Screen "Muddying": It might leave virtual footprints or "mud" on your screen, adding to its mischief.
  • Humorous notes: The goose might leave playful messages or notes, contributing to the overall amusing experience

The visual simplicity of Desktop Goose brings forth a charmingly animated 2D goose, reminiscent of a mischievous character straight out of a cartoon strip. While it might not boast high-end graphics, its whimsical presentation blends seamlessly with your desktop environment, adding a touch of animated joy to your screen.

Accompanying the visual antics are minimalist sound effects – occasional quacks and the pitter-patter of tiny webbed feet. These audio touches enhance the realism and comedic essence of the experience, complementing the visual chaos created by the goose.

While there's no overarching storyline, each interaction with the goose weaves its own mini-narrative, whether it's leaving behind playful messages or causing delightful disruptions.

How to get Desktop Goose

Looking to spice up your desktop experience? Here is what you need to get Desktop Goose:

  • Click here and download Desktop Goose.
  • After downloading the software, follow the installation instructions provided. It's typically a straightforward process.
  • Once installed, activate Desktop Goose and let the mischief begin! The goose will start roaming your desktop, adding a playful touch to your computer experience.

Malicious, in a fun way

While the program in question does in fact mess with your PC, it’s only in good fun. It scans to see where your mouse is, and interacts with files that are stored within its own system. The program only acts the way it does in a fun, non-invasive manner. Some PC program analysts have claimed the program is a scam, but substantial evidence of this has yet to emerge despite the program's age and popularity.

Our take

A cute and fun program, Desktop Goose is for anyone who wants a desktop companion, albeit one who’s a little mischievous. While not a full-blown game, Desktop Goose is entertainment for the bored internet seeker. It also distracts from the everyday grind of work, giving a little variance to the monotony.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want a little diversion, this program is for you. It offers some harmless fun and is a fully editable and adorable distraction from everyday work.


  • Fun
  • Doesn’t take much hardware to run
  • Minimalist yet effective sound effects


  • Does not work on Chromebook
  • It can be annoying

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