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Desktop Goose is a free novelty anti-efficiency and anti-productivity software that will keep on pestering you. Developed by Samperson, this program deploys what looks like a lovable goose on your desktop. However, it's far from adorable.

While you're playing a game, this goose will constantly create havoc on your computer by chasing your cursor, displacing your windows, and launching the Notepad app. Desktop Goose is inspired by the simulation video games, Untitled Goose Game and SkateBIRD.

Desktop Goose is a lovely desktop virtual pet. His pixelated yellow and white body will be found waddling around your computer, leaving muddy footprints all over it. However, this little app has a lot of features that will only slow you down. Goose will appear on your desktop and start following your cursor immediately after installation. At first, it seems cute, but its behavior will spiral out of control.

Though not a virus, this software has the ability to disrupt any operation on your computer. It will emerge while you are playing a computer game by dragging a message that reads "excellent work." However, Goose's worst move is possessing your mouse. For example, one minute, you're playing a game and the next, your cursor becomes stuck. It will send your character whirling in all directions right away.

It's worth noting that no operating system recognizes this software's file right away. This implies that your computer will warn you that the app has the potential to damage your system. Install the software as usual, and it will start up automatically. Take note that this app is meant for some lighthearted pranks.

Desktop Goose gives you the nostalgic feeling of owning a virtual desktop pet like Shimeji-ee, but Goose's sole goal is to torment you. It will communicate with you as long as the computer is turned on. As a result, it's only a suitable application for home PCs to prevent interference with vital or time-sensitive tasks.

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