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Cooperative psychological horror game

Phasmophobia by Kinetic Games is a 4-player cooperative online game that has you entering haunted locations and investigating paranormal activities. You and your team will use all the ghost-hunting equipment you have available to gather evidence and finish the investigation alive.

Asymmetrical horror game

Like Dead by Deadlight, Phasmophobia is an asymmetrical game, but it has a slightly different shake on the genre. You take on a ghost hunter’s role, accepting jobs in various locations, from populated suburbs to isolated cabins and abandoned asylums. 

There are two game modes, single-player and a co-op version, which resembles the teamwork found in games like GTFO. Either way, your goal is to enter the place, track the spirit, and get proof of its existence. The game features 12 ghost types, with unique abilities and detection methods.

If you’re not quick enough, the spirit will eventually drain your sanity or even murder you. The atmosphere is dark and eerie, increasing the dread you feel as you progress. There are no jump scares, but it’s psychological horror through-and-through.

Realistic gameplay

The graphics and sounds are realistic enough to immerse you in Phasmophobia’s world. If you play in a team, you’ll all have different equipment to support each other and keep yourselves safe. You’ll also trigger the ghost more quickly, though. 

You’ll interact with the creatures using your real voice through an Ouija Board or EVP sessions. Using this and all your other equipment, you’ll gather evidence to take to the ghost removal team.


To get an even more immersive experience, you could play this game in VR, as it supports all virtual reality systems. It works cross-platform, too, and there are cross-save gameplay options for playing with friends. 

Our take

This game has all the staples of horror, from crucifixes to spirit boxes. It’s a well-developed, minimalist, and to-the-point game that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s no wonder it exploded in popularity so soon after its early access release in September.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re a horror fan, this one is a must-try. However, if your bravery has limits, consider trying it without the VR equipment first. 


  • Single-player and co-op
  • Variety of locations
  • Immersive, well-developed gameplay
  • Realistic graphics


    Phasmophobiafor Windows

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