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The upgrade Undertale needed

When Toby Fox dropped Undertale, it was a quirky game that was part bullet hell, part RPG, and part puzzle solver. This game is interesting because it allows players to play as a pacifist which isn’t commonly seen in RPGs.

A short game that built on a clichés

Players play as Kris, a student at a local school who descends into the “Dark World.” While there he must party up and preserve the balance between good and evil.

Deltarune is an indie RPG developed by Toby Fox. In this title, you control Kris, the only human in this program, and you get transported to another world known as the “Dark World.” The object of this game is to seal off a dark fountain, that is emitting a stream of dark energy that is currently upsetting the balance between good and evil.

Deltarune is different from its predecessor Undertale in a variety of ways. Combat is less random in this title, and the combat engine was altered to make it a turn-based one similar to a game like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon or Paper Mario while adding a Danmaku element to it.

A major difference between this program and its predecessor is that a morality engine of sorts was added. When playing, you have the option to either try to play as a pacifist or fight enemies. The only difference is the dialogue options, and the overall story will change slightly based on your decision.

Although this game is great in its own right, some things can be improved upon. Deltarune is a small program, and it takes about 3 hours to get to the ending, and 4 hours to get 100% completion. Another fault is that one of your party members, Susie, doesn’t follow orders and will always try to attack people.

Where can you run this program?

This program is installable on computers using Mac OS or Windows. Additionally, it is available on the Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. Touhou Scarlet Curiosity does a better job at combining the Danmaku and RPG genres, but the combat is in real-time instead of turn-based. Scarlet Curiosity also makes many references to other titles in the Touhou universe.

Our take

It’s an interesting concept because you can choose between combat and peace, and you to a certain degree these choices will impact the overall story via dialogue options.

Should you download it?

Yes, This title is chapter 1 of a game that has an unknown number of chapters. The number of unknown because Toby Fox hasn’t released any info about chapter two, other than it’s in development.


  • Free
  • Improved on Undertale’s game mechanics
  • Can avoid combat encounters


  • Small Game
  • One ally doesn’t follow orders
  • Simplistic combat engine

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Deltarunefor Mac


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