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Deltarune: Popular 2D game

Deltarune is a special kind of video game that grabs your attention with its unique style and fun gameplay on Android. It's a game where you play in a world full of puzzles and fights, and it's sort of a follow-up to another game called Undertale. But Deltarune isn't just more of the same; it brings new stuff to the table, making it exciting for both new players and those who loved Undertale.

Deltarune gameplay

Playing "Deltarune" is all about exploring, solving puzzles, and battling enemies. You control Kris, a human who leads a group on an adventure. Here's what makes the game cool:

  • Fighting and Choices: When you're in a battle, you can choose to fight, use magic, defend, and more. You have to think about what to do because each choice changes what happens next.
  • Tension Points (TP): Fighting or dodging attacks in a certain way can give you TP. This lets you do special moves or cast spells, making fights more interesting.
  • Trying to Be Peaceful: The game often wants you to avoid fighting and try to make peace with your enemies. But it gets tricky, especially with characters like Susie, who wants to fight, making you figure out how to keep things calm.

Enemies aren't hidden; you can see them, so you can choose to fight or avoid them. This mix of strategy and action makes the game really engaging.

  • The graphics of the game are Top-down 2D and not filled with detail. There is a great deal of creativity in the title, but this is more apparent in the storyline and game mechanics.
  • The world draws on humor. You’ll find sarcastic joke galore and characters who won’t always do what you would expect.
  • The combat system is similar to that of its predecessor. It’s turn-based and features a bullet-hell style minigame. It's also a mechanism for earning tension points that can be used for casting spells.

Please note that Deltarune is originally a Windows game. You might need an emulator like ExaGear Windwos Emulator to run the game on your Android device.

Are Deltarune and Undertale connected?

Even though Deltarune feels a bit like Undertale, it is its own thing. It was made by the same person, Toby Fox, and started in 2012. It has some characters and ideas from"Undertale, but it's set in a different world. So, while it nods to Undertale, it tells a new story.

Is Deltarune before or after Undertale?

Undertale came out first in 2015, and Deltarune's first part was released in 2018. But the story isn't about being before or after Undertale. The creator made it a bit of a puzzle, leaving fans to guess and come up with their own ideas about how everything fits together.

Deltarune is an adventure that brings something new while still reminding you of Undertale. It's got its own world, story, and gameplay that stand out. 


  • Nice songs
  • Improved combat mechanics
  • Quirky sense of humor


  • Short
  • No major innovation
  • Visual design a bit 'undercooked'

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