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Accountability and monitoring iOS app

Covenant Eyes is an iOS app that restores responsible behaviors. Its primary purpose is to help people stop watching pornography, but its functionalities extend to monitoring your overall internet usage. It operates across devices and generates activity reports to keep you in check.

Stay accountable

This accountability software lets you see how and why you’re using your phone, tablet, or computer. However, unlike ScreenTime, its fundamental goal is to help porn-addicted people break the cycle.

It uses advanced artificial intelligence tools, periodically taking screenshots of your activities and catching circumvention attempts. Blurred screenshots get stored on your smartphone and sent to a trusted ally’s email, preserving your privacy. 

There are other resources in-app for overcoming the compulsion. Optional porn blocker functions and educational content encourage positive habits and promote healthy coping mechanisms. 

Easy setup

A Covenant Eyes account isn’t free, but the app is after you purchase a membership. After you create your account, you can download the program on all the devices you regularly use. 

The setup is straightforward, as is the user interface once you have it going. You’ll have to enable Device Admin privileges and activate a VPN.

You mostly won’t notice this software on your phone unless you try to access a blocked website. However, if you use an older phone, it might slow it down.

Smart and flexible

The strength of this program lies in its AI. It works no matter which app or website is running, capturing even your Facebook activity.

Even if you’re not on a journey to quit porn, it’s quite handy. Like Qustodio, it can offer insight into how your children use their gadgets, acting as a parental controller that has app locking and YouTube restriction tools. 

It’s also flexible, working across browsers and devices, closing off all avenues for problematic online activities.

Our take

Covenant Eyes is an effective solution to assist anyone struggling with addiction. While it’s a bit pricey and slows down your device, it efficiently performs its tasks.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you find yourself in need of software to hold you accountable. It’s detailed, easy to use, and doesn’t leave room for excuses.


  • AI-powered porn blocking
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Smart in-depth reporting
  • Educational resources


  • A bit costly
  • Slows down smartphone performance

Covenant Eyesfor Android


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