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Internet browsing protection

The internet has brought a multitude of changes to the lifestyle of many people. The net has created new jobs and ways of working globally. With all the data on the web, you will come across content that may seem unsuitable for you or your family members.

Covenant Eyes was developed to combat this problem by creating an app that detects unsuitable content and reports on it. Essentially, this app is a web-filtering and content-blocking program.

How does Covenant Eyes work?

Covenant Eyes works by randomly capturing screenshots of your screen while you browse the internet. A built-in artificial intelligence engine then processes the image for content that is sensitive or explicit in nature. The AI engine blurs unwanted content and produces a list ranking the explicit content.

Why use accountability software?

Internet accountability software offers security by shielding away from unwanted web pages and content on the internet. The application has a built-in browser that must be used when surfing the web and it is recommended to delete other browsers to ensure that the app works efficiently. 

Too often unwanted pornographic materials pop up while browsing the internet. Therefore there's a need for an app like this to filter-out unwanted content. Reports have found that 70% of teenagers have stumbled upon mature content on a mistake. Covenant goes a long way to combat this by setting content restrictions. 

Other providers 

Net Nanny and Norton Family are well-reputed filters and give you an array of dependable services. The less popular PluckEye and Accountable2You give you much of the same but with slight visual changes. ‘Eyes’ has made a considerable effort in providing you with as many features as possible coupled with their 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also try a geo-blocking app like X-VPN.

Our take

The application is excellent for protecting against pornography and general unwanted mature content. The software is stable and works effortlessly. It gives you full control of the information you access on the internet and reports on usage.

Should you download it

Yes, this app should definitely be downloaded if you are a parent or are having trouble dealing with a pornography addiction.


  • Available on every platform
  • Free to download software
  • No advertisements
  • Several tools to assist with content restrictions


  • Easily bypassed by using another browser
  • Only a 14-Day free trial available
  • Paid subscriptions on a monthly basis

Also available in other platforms

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Covenant Eyesfor iOS


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