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Upload and share without any glitches

Primarily focused on simplifying file-to-file transfers online, 4Shared’s basic service has become a trusted name in the industry. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used a file sharing service in the past. 4Shared’s simple and clean interface makes uploading and sharing easier than competitors.

A fast and easy-to-use file sharing platform

It’s a free file sharing platform with plenty of storage

If you have trust issues (pun intended), and would like to check the service, you can start using the app’s free version. Simplicity stands out in the interface. With quick drag and drop uploads, 4Shared beats competitors like Uploaded and DepositFiles big time. The free Android version doesn’t offer password protection, but it does come with 15 GB storage space. A couple of drawbacks are that 4Shared automatically deletes files after 180 days of inactivity, and free users need to limit file size to 2 GB.

Easy file-sharing options

Minor flaws aside, you can quickly upload and share files without any trouble. If you’re a paid member, you get even better sharing options with cloud storage backups. Once you’ve uploaded a file, you can share links with other members, making it an ideal choice for friends or family.

The paid version doesn’t impose any bandwidth limits, which lets you download and share as much as you’d like. 4Shared can be used to share all kinds of files, including music, videos, pictures, and work documents.

Create photo albums to share

While apps like WeTransfer, DepositFiles and, Uploaded are good alternatives to 4Shared for file sharing, the latter knocks the competition out of the park. You can easily create photo albums and even matching thumbnails, for quick browsing. It also lets you share these albums with family and friends. Simply drag and drop images for each album, and once all thumbnails have been populated, you can easily edit or rename files.

Unlike other competitors in the market, 4Shared lets you create an online album for a large community. In return, other contributors in the community can share entertainment and music files to let you browse through them and stream.

Play your favorite videos and music

While other apps solely focus on file sharing, 4Shared offers a lot more features. You can stream music and video files directly from the cloud. Just locate a file, and click ‘Stream media file’, and a pop-up window will let you play the music or video.

On the app’s Android version, playlists, and queue capabilities are available for a good streaming experience. Community sharing works for music and video too, and lets you share any entertaining piece of content with everyone else.

While WeTransfer gives you more storage, and DepositFiles lets you keep files for an unlimited period of time, none of them focus on data security. 4Shared’s cloud storage service regularly scans files for malware and viruses, ensuring the safety of your device. Premium users can even password-protect folders and files to prohibit unauthorized access. Unfortunately, the free version doesn’t let you configure custom access permissions.

Hassle-free backup and restore

While the free version doesn’t have any advanced backup features, premium users can create backups and even recover deleted files within a period of 24 hours. Since servers are constantly backed up, you don’t have to worry about data loss. If you decide to close the premium account, you can still recover files for up to one year. As compared to other file sharing apps, the service seems basic, but does safeguard your data without any trouble.

Excellent support for quick resolutions

One of the major benefits  is its 24/7 support so you don’t spend hours looking for solutions to your queries. The support page on the official website breaks down everything into specific categories. Whether you face an issue related to uploading or need instant help regarding backup, you’ll have help around the clock.

Where can you run this program?

Offering cross-platform synchronization, 4Shared is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. All versions of the app have the same features and functionalities, while the Android version’s interface is more simplistic and user-friendly.

Is there a better alternative?

Limited storage, monthly sharing limits, and a 30-second wait time for downloads can encourage you to look for some alternatives. If you’re looking for one, here’s some information about the most popular choices.

WeTransfer: One of the most trusted file sharing apps, WeTransfer is the simplest way to send files. While 4Shared is best known for fast uploads and the ability to stream music or videos, WeTransfer lets you share large-sized files of over 2 GB. If you choose to upgrade, you can even send files as large as 20 GB in one go.

DepositFiles: A cloud platform, DepositFiles is completely free, and stores your files for an unlimited time. If you’re primarily looking for a storage space with the functionality to share files, DepositFiles will be a much better choice than 4Shared. Sadly, you won’t be able to stream anything.

Uploaded: Another cloud-based platform, Uploaded lets you import files from multiple sources to share with others. Unlike 4Shared, it doesn’t require you to register, but it does let you share files of up to 250 MB only.

Our take

With the quick drag and drop design, 4Shared sets a benchmark for speed and simplicity. While the platform supports basic backup and restore facilities, it also provides rudimentary data storage. You can easily create photo albums and access the app from multiple devices at once for easy cross-platform synchronization.

Should you download it?

Yes, it’s worth a try! With offers limited storage facilities with the free version, it’s still a much better choice than other available options in the market. With a simple interface, fast uploads, and amazing streaming features, it’s everything you need in a file sharing app.


  • Quick-to-use drag and drop design
  • Provides data storage capabilities
  • Strong security features


  • Limited storage with free version
  • Monthly bandwidth limits on sharing
  • Custom access permissions can’t be configured

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

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