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Battle with friends or solo in under three minutes

In this game, you pick your heroes and duke it out on some interesting battlefields. You can level them up, collect new characters, and find your perfect playstyle. While some of the visuals might not appeal to all audiences, it fits well in the context. Configuration and customization are peppered throughout this game, making it easy to make tweaks that adjust to each player.

Intense combat and fun graphics


In Brawl Stars, you fight against AI or other players in live combat. It can be a bit monotonous at times, but there are some enjoyable moments.

In this title, you progress through levels and work through different modes of play as you defeat your opponents. This game is perfect for mobile screens, featuring short battles that pack a punch each time.

The crux of this title is the Gem Grab mode. This stage features three-against-three play, with purple gems popping up in the center of the battleground. Each side needs to try to grab as many gems as possible during play. Whichever team gathers a total of ten gems, wins. All of this needs to happen while you are shooting at the enemy. The blend of a simple objective and complex combat makes for some great gameplay.

As you move further through the game, you’ll accumulate a collection of trophies. This brings you to a ten-player setup called Showdown. You can play this mode in both solo mode or as a pair. It still requires that you fire across at the enemy and fight for your life, but comes with an exciting twist. There are treasure boxes placed in random places. These contain attack-boosting power cubes as well as health cubes. They improve both your damage and chances against enemies. During the Showdown play, the battleground you are standing on starts to reduce in size as you progress. Poisonous clouds also move inwards from all sides, closing in on you. Tense combat and an inevitable fate mix well and result in powerful clashes with opponents.

Other modes like Bounty mode and MOBA-esque have ever-changing levels. One battle is never the same as another. This makes for a high level of replayability.

The graphics are animated and almost child-like. Extra characters feature throughout play, like a cowboy with his guns and a bartender in the form of a robot. This might sound off-putting, but it works just fine. It also means it works for players of all ages.

A variety of play modes and different characters to choose from will keep you entertained and locked in. This lively, action-packed basic combat is addictive and enjoyable, and the other options and styles of play improve on this.

You can upgrade characters and customize the skins on each shooter. After every match, you can earn coins to open locked boxes containing various upgrades and perks. You can also buy the coins using gems that you’ve collected along the way. This customization is a welcome addition to the title. You can tweak your heroes to your liking, with these changes directly impacting your gameplay.

There are different ways to play. You can choose to use the tap-to-move method; alternatively, you can play with the joystick. The game gives you the flexibility to adjust the interface in whichever manner that makes you feel most comfortable.

Some may find the battles are too short. Each conflict can last around three minutes, which means some players yearn for more soon after a battle ends. The simple solution is to join a new match and keep going.

What is the minimum iOS for Brawl Stars?

The game requires at least iOS version 8.1.2 to run, though newer versions provide a better experience. Players should ensure their devices meet this minimum requirement to enjoy smooth gameplay without technical issues.

Can a 7 year old play Brawl Stars?

The game is rated PG-13+ due to its cartoon violence but does not include blood, severe violence, or offensive language. Parents should consider this rating when deciding if the game is appropriate for their children, keeping in mind its vibrant but combat-focused content.

Where can you run this program?

The game runs on iOS version 8.1.2 and later versions. It’s also available for Windows and Android.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Brawl Stars will have you hooked from the moment you start playing. The beauty of the game is in the simplicity of the gameplay and intertwined objectives. You might want to try your hand at Brawl Busters or Cannon Brawl for a similar play style.

Our take

The basic gameplay captures the attention of many and keeps you locked in. It may not be a major challenge, but it’s entertaining and competitive all at the same time. The style that is implemented here is fantastic, and if you have issues with the default settings you can tweak them to no end. It’s a welcoming title for beginners and has plenty to offer for more hardcore players.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoy simple shooting games and battling enemies across a large variety of fields, this is the game for you.


  • Various modes
  • Real-time action
  • Upgradeable characters


  • Low quality graphics
  • Basic gameplay

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Brawl Starsfor iOS


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