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Free, turn-based strategy game

Clash Quest is a free fun strategy game that uses a turn-based combat system. The title features many characters and references to the Clash of Clans game created by the same developers. As such, this app also features a cute and simplistic art style that's pleasing to look at.

Clash Quest is a slow game with a similar speed to the Candy Crush Saga, allowing you to progress through the challenges at your own pace. However, the limited speed is partly due to its energy mechanic that limits the number of battles per hour. The turn-based gameplay and deployment of troops require strategy if you want to win your fights.

Well-known characters

Clash Quest features many well-known characters from another game by Supercell. The title includes the barbarian, wizard, baby dragon, and many others. Some elements such as spells and enemies will also feel familiar if you've played any other Supercell game. 

Overall, the style is cute and enjoyable to watch as the two sides battle on your screen.

Challenging gameplay

Due to the turn-based style of the game, your choices will affect the outcome of each battle. Matching your troops will provide powerful attacks, while spells act as a necessary aid. You'll also need to upgrade your equipment to advance to the higher levels.

Fun mechanics

Clash Quest is full of fun mechanics to work on as you play. The many available spells can act as a saving grace during your battle and sway the tide in your favor. 

Competing in a league is another way to test your strength and level up. To progress further, you'll need to unlock new heroes that you can add to your team.

Energy system

The worst feature of Clash Quest is its energy mechanic, as it prevents you from playing the actual game when you want. You’ll need to spend premium currency to refill it. 

Our take

Overall, Clash Quest is a fun game to play and has many challenging mechanics to discover. The energy mechanic limits how often you can battle and ruins the excitement of the game. Similar applications include Mushroom Wars 2 and Clash of Clans, which inspired many aspects of Clash Quest.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoy Clash of Clans or want a simple yet fun game to play, this title is an excellent choice.


  • Familiar Faces
  • Strategic and challenging
  • Fun progression mechanics


  • Limited battles per hour

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Clash Questfor iOS


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