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Low effort cleaning

CCleaner is an application that can delete files from certain programs such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Adobe Reader, and Microsoft Office. This system cleaner’s biggest drawback is the number of advertisements you have to sit through to use it.

Ads and some functionality

CCleaner tries its hand at removing clutter from your phone and making it run a bit faster.

CCleaner claims to remove junk, reclaim space, clean RAM, and monitor your system. It can also manage apps, providing details on what kind of impact it has on your phone. Its repertoire of features sounds impressive, at first. It tries to shine in the same light as AVG Cleaner and Boost Clean. Sadly, it fails.

The first thing you’ll notice upon downloading this application, is the incredible amount of advertisements it forces on you. Most of them have no skip option, leaving you waiting for thirty seconds before getting back to what you actually wanted to do. Tack on the fact that it asks permission to track all sorts of private information, like the ability to draw over and close other apps. Another annoyance is the fact that it pings warnings that you can’t control, resulting in multiple notifications in one day on the same issue.

There are some high points, though. Analyzing your phone is easy, and it does a great job with displaying details and what they mean. It also runs smoothly with an interface that’s simple to understand. When it comes to the main purpose of CCleaner, which is to speed up your device, it does get the job done. You can expect your phone’s performance to improve within a few uses.

Where can you run this program?

This application runs on Android phones and devices. It’s also available on computers using Windows and Mac operating systems.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. There are free options that do a better job and provide more features, like Boost Clean.

Our take

A fast device sounds enticing, but the price you have to pay with CCleaner is ads and other issues. It might be better to deal with a slower phone.

Should you download it?

No. If you want to speed up your device, find something else. CCleaner isn’t worth the hassle.


  • Speeds up phone
  • Analyzes storage
  • Fast


  • Riddled with ads
  • Useless warnings
  • Unnecessary permissions

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

CCleanerfor Android


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