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Test your speed anytime, anywhere

Speedtest analyzes your wifi connection and LTE to give you an accurate idea of how fast and stable the connection is between your phone and the server.

More than just connection

Android users can now examine the connection speed of their wifi as well as mobile data.

This Android Speedtest works very fast to determine your ping rate, download, and upload speeds. This feature helps decide whether you want to stay on your current Wifi connection or switch to mobile data. The app saves the result of each scan for you to compare. Speed testing does require various amounts of data for every run. It can add up if you frequently switch between platforms.

Unlike its desktop counterpart, Ookla’s Android Speedtest does not specify your connection speed across different browsers. The app gives a general idea of how fast your phone reaches the ISP in its current state. If you have other apps running at the same time, the results will vary.

Speedtest has a built-in VPN service that secures your connection. This tool allows you to analyze the efficiency of every individual app on your phone that uses the internet. The statistics include ping rate, loading speeds, and data usage.

The mobile coverage map feature lets you see the range of coverage your carrier provides. You can also toggle between different providers in the region to compare qualities. This function is still in beta, and Ookla does claim to collect exhaustive user information in the process. This might make some users uncomfortable.

Is there a better alternative?

No. This app provides a deep insight into your mobile data as well as smartphone apps. You can try similar programs such as Speed Check, but it’s more oriented towards desktops. Their mobile version has fewer options than Ookla’s.

Where can you run this program?

You can download and run this software on your Android smartphone. It is available for all Android models.

Our take

This app takes speed testing to the next level. You always know exactly how stable and secure your connection is. It’s definitely a must-have.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you think you’re paying too much for your current data plan, you’d need Speedtest Android. It also helps to choose the right ISP without contacting them first.


  • Fast performance
  • Free to use
  • Tests Wifi and 4G
  • Coverage map
  • Individual app speed test


  • Contains ads
  • Consumes data
  • Collects user information

Speedtest by Ooklafor Android


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