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QuickTouch Automatic Clicker is a free auto-clicker for your phone. Using QuickTouch Automatic Clicker can help with mobile games that require a lot of clicking in a single spot for long periods of time. It can also run certain games while you’re away, getting you ahead in the competition. No matter if you are using it for Roblox or a clicker game, QuickTouch is the solution for your auto-click needs.

QuickTouch is a simple solution for your mobile games

QuickTouch Automatic Clicker clicks the same or multiple sections of a screen as determined by the user. The app allows you to change the interval at which the touch rate is set, making customization of an auto-clicker a breeze. It’s easy to install and is available on Google Play as a reliable download.

Work for whatever you need, with no root required

It doesn’t matter if the app is fullscreen or smaller: QuickTouch Automatic Clicker can work on any app, and that’s the most brilliant part about this app. It can work on any Android phone out of the box, with no root or complex setup needed. However, if you want this to be on your iOS device, you’ll need to find an alternative that exists in the App Store. 

Just download and go

The features included in QuickTouch Automatic Clicker are free, and the developers have promised that it will remain free. The app also offers the ability to disable ads for a decent and low price. Even with ads, the app is convenient to use, and the ads aren't too invasive. The overall experience is streamlined and safe.

Our take

QuickTouch Automatic Clicker is a convenient tool for when you need an auto-clicker that works well on mobile. It has solid features, non-obstructive ads, and is a reliable download. With all these features in mind, it makes a great addition to any toolset for gaming or video creation on mobile. However, it isn't available for iOs devices. Another clicker that is a suitable alternative is Auto Clicker Automatic Tap.

Should you download it?

Yes. QuickTouch Automatic Clicker is a solid app that serves all your basic auto-clicker needs. It works with any app no matter the size and has minimal ads blocking the screen. The app is useful for anyone who needs a simple clicker, or anyone who uses it for video creation purposes. 


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Easy to download and update.
  • No root required.
  • Usable with fullscreen or windowed screen
  • Clicks and swipes.
  • Customizable intervals.
  • Free.


  • Slightly basic in features.
  • Ads are present unless upgraded.
  • Somewhat low rating on Google Play.
  • Not available on the iOS App Store.

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Automatic Clickerfor Android


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