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Car mechanic simulation game

Car Mechanic Simulator (CMS) 2018 is a realistic game that has you build your own garage and repair service from scratch. Developed by Red Dot Games and published by PlayWay, it is the latest release in the franchise, featuring more tools, parts, and cars than ever before!

Develop the garage

CMS features Tycoon-style gameplay similar to Two Point Hospital, Internet Cafe Simulator, and Prison Architect. You start at the bottom and slowly develop your mechanic skills. 

You’ll find classic, unique models in the Junkyard and Barn Find modules to purchase and fix. You will master the inner workings of different vehicles to successfully upgrade them and complete the orders you receive. 

The challenges range from simple painting to in-depth repairs, each with a price tag attached to it. Each completed task also rewards you with experience points, helping you tackle subsequent orders with more ease. 

Comprehensive feature set

The photo-realistic graphics represent each task in great detail, promoting engagement with the gameplay. There are over 40 cars to work with using 10+ tools and 1000+ parts. 

As you’re growing your business, the small, stuffy workshop will become a 3-story building with room to park your latest achievements.

The realism extends to your repairs. Once you’re confident about the work you’ve done, take the car to various tests to check performance, suspension, and the overall vehicle condition before you sell it. 

Upgraded gameplay

CMS isn’t a new game. It’s seen various editions and upgrades. The latest brings in a new set of features to explore, such as:

  • Exchangeable windows, seats, benches, and steering wheels
  • A warehouse to store your parts
  • Separated rims and tires
  • New working battery chargers, shock absorbers, and wheel balancers
  • Customizable license plates
  • An engine crane
  • A detailed painting system

There’s also full mod support to incorporate your own builds into the game. Unfortunately, the interface is glitchy at times, reducing the immersive quality of the gameplay as a result.

Our take

Overall, CMS is a solid simulation for anyone that is enthusiastic about car repairs. The hyper-realistic approach makes it easy to enjoy the game despite performance issues. 

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoyed the previous releases, this one offers even more options to keep you occupied, but it’s fun even for new players


  • Numerous cars and parts
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Excellent progression system
  • Photo-realistic graphics
  • Supports modding


  • Some performance issues

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018for Windows


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