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GTA with fewer thrills

Internet Cafe Simulator is a business strategy simulation game. You are put in charge of an internet cafe, where you are able to make decisions about how it is run. The gameplay also crosses into a simulated personal life, where you can relax at home or become involved in illegal activities.

You’re the boss

Internet Cafe Simulator is more entertaining than you first expect, but still doesn’t quite hold your attention.

Playing this business simulator is like the old zoo or theme park tycoon games, except that you’re running an internet cafe. While that might seem dull, the business opportunities find the right balance between real-life practices and being better than reality. This means that you can achieve a sense of progress and can use this simulator as a way to relax.

The fact that you also explore the personal life of your character, including going to pawn shops, strip clubs, and completing shady activities, makes it similar to Grand Theft Auto. However, you are much less likely to do something outrageous. It does mean there is enough variety to draw you into the game, though.

By upgrading your equipment, downloading different applications, and even paying for fake positive reviews, you can grow your internet cafe business. It takes some time to implement the strategy, which makes it a good time killer. Once you’ve reached the top range of equipment, though, there isn’t much room to grow, and the game can become repetitive.

Certain elements of Internet Cafe Simulator feel underdeveloped. The controls are unwieldy, which means you can spend some time navigating the different spaces in this virtual world. There are also a lot of bugs. Customers appear trapped in the walls, items disappear or don’t work correctly, and the game crashes, which takes away from the relaxation.

Where can you run this program?

Internet Cafe Simulator can be run on Windows 7 and above.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. If you are looking for an entertaining simulation game, try Thief Simulator, House Flipper, or American Truck Simulator.

Our take

Internet Cafe Simulator is an interesting take on a simulator game and has more to offer than the title suggests. The work and home life, combined with the potential for illegal activities, keeps it interesting. However, after a few tech upgrades, the game doesn’t lead anywhere, which means it doesn’t hold your attention and the bugs become more noticeable the longer you play.

Should you download it?

No, you shouldn’t. Pick up a title with more end-game content, as this one falls off a cliff pretty quickly.


  • Variety of game activities
  • Fun business strategy
  • Good time killer


  • Game stagnates after a while
  • Controls are frustrating
  • Bugs are common

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Internet Cafe Simulatorfor Windows


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