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The Bank of Baroda (BOB) is one of India's largest banks, with an additional 100 branches across the globe. The Baroda mPassbook app is a free mobile version of the traditional BOB passbook or bankbook

Mobile passbook

As an increasing number of banks and building societies move away from paper-based passbooks, app versions take their place. The Baroda mPassbook is the only official app for BOB customers. It offers a range of useful features related to customer finance, from account details to expense management. 

How do you use the passbook?

Once you download and open the app, you’ll need to enter the phone number registered to your Baroda account. Next, you’ll receive a one-time pin (OTP) SMS, which you’ll need to put into the app. You’ll then have to choose and enter your own PIN for future use (this counts as your user ID).

App features

You can use the Baroda app to view all your details and transactions across savings, deposit, current, OD, CC, and loan accounts. It’s important to note that the app can’t be used to make payments or transfers. 

The Expense Manager lets you keep track of your spending habits, alongside itemized payment details for whichever account you check. You can also add comments and tags to transactions to help keep them organized. Lastly, the app lets you download account statements in PDF and CSV formats.

Update on the go

The Baroda mPassbook app can be used offline, but your account details won’t reflect any recent changes until you go online again. You’ll only pay standard data usage charges and a one-off fee for the initial OTP text. Baroda provides the passbook app for free.

Our take

Every bank has its own finance app, so it’s great to see BOB follow suit. Its app has all the features you’d expect, plus a few extras. If you have an account with Baroda, there’s no reason not to use this app.

Should you download it?

Yes. It’s free and an invaluable tool if you’re a Baroda customer.


  • Keep track of your finances on the go
  • Expense Manager helps you see where your money’s going
  • Free


  • Can’t be used to transfer funds or make payments

Baroda mPassbookfor Android


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