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Over the years, the world continues to change mostly for the better. As buildings grow taller and populations grew bigger, people try to make everyday objects smaller and more compact. In fact, they are so obsessed with keeping everything in one place, they developed technologies such as external hard drives. When things weren't enough for them, they decided to keep it all in their phones. Enter Google Drive, your trusty companion in keeping all your files accessible any time, anywhere.

Apart from the hefty storage space Google Drive offers, you also get an effortless means to organize your documents

Google definitely has answers not just to your searches, but basically to all your necessities. Need to write articles? Go to Google Docs. Want to keep track of your monthly spending? Fix your finances with the help of Google Sheets. Need a presentation for Monday's client meeting? Google Slides has your back! You can do all this for free and you can even keep them in one place. All thanks to Google Drive. It's even more accessible now that's it's available on your Android device. 

Understanding Google Drive on Android is pretty easy. If you're familiar with its interface on the web or desktop client, you won't encounter any problems navigating its mobile counterpart. On the bottom left, you will see a red plus sign. Tap on it if you want to upload a file or create a new folder. You may also use it to scan physical documents, a feature available only on the app. This allows you to make multipage PDF using your phone's camera should you want a digital copy of any on hand. 

On the upper left part of your screen, you will see the hamburger menu. It's a tray that gives you quick access to your drive's documents, file structure, and other folders shared with you. You may also transition drives associated with your Google account using this icon. 

Apart from the hefty storage space Google Drive offers, you also get an effortless means to organize your documents. You can sort your files by date last opened or modified, by size, or by any other criteria of your choosing. Simply drag and drop files and folders to group them together for easy categorization. Locating a document is also very easy with its search technology. The app matches your search term with file names, content, and even in-image texts brought to you by Optical Character Recognition. 

File sharing goes without a hitch as you can create shareable links, move them on different parts of your drive, and even view recent activity. You may also access your documents offline by assigning access to specific files. Allow others to collaborate on your file and set limits on their access. However, make sure that they have respective Google accounts for them to be able to access your document. 

Google all the way

While Google Drive is a powerful tool in itself, its strength doubles when paired with other Google applications. Use Google Docs to edit your word files in a mobile-friendly environment. Google Sheets allows you to view and edit spreadsheets while Google Slides lets you create presentations on the go. You may also edit your documents even without an internet connection by marking them for offline editing. Getting Google Photos gives you a dedicated repository for your images. It also backs up all the photos on your device without having to lift a finger. All these are available for your Android phone and you can sync all of these apps using your Google account. 

Where can you run this program?

You can download Google Drive for free on the Google Play store. It's also available for iOS devices and has respective clients for both Windows and macOS. Keep in mind that files created using Google applications like Docs, Sheets, etc don't count toward your Google Drive size limit. Photos uploaded on Google Photos also don't count as long as you agree to keep them on a slightly lower quality. Should you wish to keep your images high-quality, you have to give up some of your dedicated storage space.

Is there a better alternative?  

Dropbox is one of the OGs in cloud storage service. It's available on both Android and iOS or you may access your account on their desktop or web application. This app feature offline saving and you can create text files inside the app itself. While you can't view files by type, images are easier to organize in the app. You can also perform some light photo editing without switching to an editing platform. Dropbox automatically backs up your photos and videos, so you can rest easy without the fear of losing your favorite memory. 

If you simply want to get an application meant for file sharing, MediaFire best suits you. You can directly access any file hosted by this app without any wait time to start your download. There's no limit to the number of your downloads and the size of the document you wish to get. It allows you to seamlessly download multiple files all at once. You can get the app for free and there are versions available for iOS devices. 

Our take 

It's amazing how a powerful service can be condensed in one simple app. Google Drive makes it easier for you to keep your documents organized so easily. You may also access them on the go and effortlessly share your files with. Their free service is comprehensive and upgrading to their premium services won't cost you an arm and a leg. 

Should you download it?

Absolutely! Google Drive may be the app that can help save you from tight situations. You'll never forget that presentation you worked hard on last night because you can easily access it on your phone. 


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