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Avro Keyboard functions as a specialized virtual Bangla keyboard, although it can also be used as a traditional English typing tool. It can help you create and customize layouts as well as design your own keyboard skins. Use a phonetic spelling feature to translate English to Bangla.

Bangla keyboard

Bangla is one of the few languages not usually found on Windows or many popular apps like Photoshop. Avro Keyboard lets you type in English and automatically converts it to Bangla in a wide selection of programs. 

Regarding Bangla-specific typing software, the choice is admittedly limited, with Mayabi Keyboard available for Android devices and Bijoy a popular pick for Windows. Avro may not have a lot of competition, but that doesn’t mean it skimps on features.

How does Avro work?

After downloading and installing the free Avro software, you can click on its icon from the Windows start menu or desktop to run it. A semi-transparent toolbar will then appear, after which you can alter all the various settings for your keyboard.

Clicking on the Avro icon in the corner of the toolbar lets you change the on-screen layout. So, for example, you can view a typical QWERTY keyboard overlaid with special symbols. Typing in whatever language is as simple as clicking between English and Bangla in the toolbar. You can also change the default font if you’re tired of seeing the standard Windows Bangla typeface.

Other languages

As well as Bangla, you can switch between languages such as Avro Phonetic (displaying Bangla symbols according to their English-language pronunciation sound,) Avro Easy (a standard keyboard with Bangla symbols superimposed over the respective keys,) Bornona, Munir_Optima_uni, National (Jatiya,) and Prabhat.

As Avro is an open-source, it’s possible to find (and create) practically any other layout you want. This might be a feature you decide to use, as the preloaded layouts are handy but ugly and low-resolution.

Our take

Avro Keyboard is a valuable piece of typing software if you need to write in Bangla. Its built-in spell-checker helps you avoid mistakes, and it’s overall a very user-friendly program. However, the preset layouts use low-res images and, as such, aren’t very nice to look at. 

Should you download it?

Yes. If you need to write in Bangla, this software is a must.


  • Customize your keyboard layout and skin
  • Easily switch between Bangla and English


  • Lacks the functionality of its closest rival, Bijoy

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Avro Keyboardfor Windows


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