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On-Screen Keyboard Portable is a free Windows program that presents users with a straightforward, virtual typing system controlled using the mouse. The interface is stripped-down and to-the-point, but also offers some configuration to facilitate typing without hardware on all different operating systems.

A convenient tool

While there are endless keyboard apps for smartphones, from Gboard to Microsoft SwiftKey, the selection is much scarcer for PCs. Still, these programs can be essential for desktop usage if your physical keyboard breaks.

This program is one of the most prominent third-party solutions. It’s straightforward and flexible while remaining lightweight enough for you to carry on a USB drive and run on older workstations.

Familiar design

As you’d expect from such an app, this software’s interface resembles a physical keyboard. The three typing mechanisms let you click on keys, hover over them, or scan them. Everything about this program is as simple, making it easy to start typing as soon as you launch it.

You’ll find the usual letters, numbers, and symbols in their standard spots. However, unlike the stock Windows tool, this one also features other helpful keys, such as the ‘Insert,’ ‘Print Screen,’ and ‘Arrow’ controls. 

A dock key secures the program in place. Press it, and it’ll lock the app interface, expanding it to fill the bottom of your screen.

Customization options

While this virtual tool is single-use and quite basic, it does feature several configuration settings to improve your user experience. Visit the settings menu to:

  • Enable click sounds
  • Add a numeric pad on-screen
  • Configure the different typing mechanisms
  • Activate text prediction and insert spaces

If using the mouse is too slow, you can also control the program with a gamepad, joystick, or other gaming gadgets. 

Our take

Overall, On-Screen Keyboard Portable is a fantastic option to have on your USB drive in case there’s a keyboard malfunction. It’s easy, light, and free, making it invaluable.

Should you download it?

Yes. There’s no reason not to keep this tool around. You’ll thank yourself if you happen to need it in the future.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Compatible with every Windows OS
  • Three ways to type
  • Interface configuration available
  • Text prediction tools


  • Single-use program

On-Screen Keyboard Portablefor Windows


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