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Free Windows keyboard mapper

SharpKeys by Randyrants is a free Windows program that acts as a registry hack for your keyboard. It lets you turn off specific buttons or change what happens when pressing them. The software supports 104 different mappings, an extensive key list, and a management tool for easier customization.

No skills required

SharpKeys provides keyboard reprogramming tools that don’t require any registry hacking knowledge.

Launch the program, and it’ll display a window with a keyboard map. You can create an entirely new setup or edit the existing one to meet your unique requirements.

Click the ‘Write to Registry’ icon once you assign all desired functions, and the app will save your layout. Note that you’ll have to reboot the system before the changes come into effect, though.

Simple customization 

There’s a wide array of customization options at your disposal. For example, deactivate the buttons you don’t use, turn letters into numbers or functions, and assign multiple functions to the same key.

SharpKeys makes it possible to change as many buttons as you want for each setup. It can only alter your keyboard, though. You’ll need an additional tool, such as X-Mouse Button Control, to modify your mouse settings.

Safe and easy

The interface makes the program easy to use, but also promotes safety and prevents time-consuming, annoying errors. You can revert any changes by deleting the change from your mapping list.  

Moreover, every key comes with a function feature. Tapping it restores its original function, which is handy if you happen to lock yourself out of your computer by making an error in the keyboard setup.

Like KeyTweak, SharpKeys introduces tweaks to the registry but the app doesn’t pose any damage to your system. These changes are the only way to remap the hardware settings, and programs across the board allows them to fulfill this task.

Our take

Overall, SharpKeys is a well-executed, no-frills program. It executes its primary features well, packing quite a punch for a lightweight, simple app.

Should you download it?

Yes. This tool is a fantastic, free, easy way to play around with an alternative keyboard layout.


  • 100% free of charge
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Comprehensive remapping tools
  • Quick change reversal
  • Supports multiple layouts


  • No mouse tweaks
  • Requires a reboot after each change

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SharpKeysfor Windows


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