Super Smash Flash 2for Windows


Super Smash Flash 2: Fan-made classic

This program is a free fan-made game that lets you play with a variety of characters, including those who are not found in the original Smash game.

Super Smash Flash 2 is easy to learn, difficult to master


Smash your way to victory while letting out some steam in this awesome impression of Super Smash Bros.

Though SSF2 has a different game engine than Super Smash Bros, the combat mechanics are similar. The pixelated graphics give it a nostalgic look for those old school players of the Super Nintendo era. Everything from the attacks and explosions resembles those of SS Bros.

You can choose from many different fighters, including popular anime protagonists like Naruto and Goku. A great novelty is that they  have characters from other games like Pacman and Sonic. Each brawler has its own fighting style and unique moves, which are consistent with their stories. As a result, skills dictate the outcome of every battle, and you have no one to blame for your defeat other than yourself.

SSF2 has a shallow learning curve. You can play solo until you feel like you’re ready to take on other players. Explore the many game modes that let you smash under challenging conditions. There is also a Training Mode to help you get used to the gameplay.

There is no real progression in SSF2 besides smashing better with your favorite character, or mastering every other one. Achieving that, however, would take a very long time. Top players have been known to invest hundreds of hours into each character. This process is not for everyone and can get repetitive.

How to play Super Smash Flash 2

Understanding the ropes of Super Smash 2 is key to enjoying the game to the fullest. In 2018, McLeodGaming released a helpful "How to Play" video on their YouTube channel. Think of it as a tutorial, like those in official Super Smash Bros. games, guiding you through the basics.

Get the basics down:

  • Move around using the A and D keys.
  • Jump and double jump by pressing W.
  • Quickly descend with the S key for a fast fall.
  • Attack strategically with neutral, tilt, dash, aerial, and smash moves, controlled by the P key.
  • Learn recovery and edgeguarding for defensive maneuvers.
  • Use I key for shielding, sidestepping, rolling, and air dodging.
  • Grab, pummel, and throw your opponents effectively.
  • Spice up your moves with special attacks using the O key.

Is Super Smash Flash 2 online?

Online gaming is a big deal, and Super Smash 2 doesn't lag behind. It uses the McLeodGaming Network for online play, ensuring a secure and smooth experience. To play online, you need to log in, a small step to keep things safe and exciting.

Online features simplified:

  • Play smoothly online thanks to the McLeodGaming Network.
  • Log in to your account for a personalized and secure gaming session.
  • Connect directly with other players for responsive and enjoyable matches.
  • Tournaments mainly happen online, creating a lively and competitive community.

Super Smash 2's online mode adds a social touch, whether you're playing casually or aiming for competitive showdowns. It's the go-to choice for those seeking a mix of fun and challenge.

Where can you run this program?

You can run this software on Windows XP and later. Additionally, there are versions available for computers using a Mac or Linux operating system.

Is there a better alternative?

No. SSF2 was designed with anime and old school game fans in mind. You can play with all your favorite heroes in one place. The only other game that would give you a similar experience is Super Smash Bros itself by Nintendo.

Our take

SSF2 does a good job of putting together a unique team of playable characters. Although there isn’t a storyline, the action and strategic combat are very enjoyable.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re a fan of the Smash Bros series and want to experience the old school gaming feel, you must try out SSF2.


  • Character variety
  • Strategic combat
  • Many game modes
  • Online PvP
  • Free to play


  • Repetitive
  • No progression
  • Pixelated graphics

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Super Smash Flash 2for Windows

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