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Amazon Appstore is a free alternative way to find and download new mobile games and tools. The store is well designed and has its own currency that offers discounts when used. As it's an Amazon application, you can quickly manage and view your subscriptions within the app.

Find new apps

The Amazon Appstore is a great way to find new apps for free or at a cost. The store connects to your Amazon account, providing a safe and easy option when purchasing new games. Additionally, this is a quick way to view a refined list of applications, unlike the products offered on alternative online marketplaces.

Manage subscriptions

One helpful feature of Amazon Appstore is the management of all your subscriptions in one place. You'll see every update, installed application, and any upcoming subscriptions within the application. This convenience makes it easy to cancel a plan before it automatically renews and charges your bank account.

Amazon Coins

Amazon Coins are an easy way to purchase applications by preloading your Amazon account with virtual currency. Using this payment option allows you to take advantage of sales and discounts whenever you see a new app you like.

Amazon devices

The Amazon Appstore is available to download and install on Kindle Fire and Fire Stick as well as Android devices. The application foregoes the Google framework that's included with any app installed from the Play Store.

Limited selection

The Appstore offers over 600,000 applications, providing you with plenty of choices. However, it pales in comparison to the alternative Play Store, which offers over 3,000,000 applications. While its selection is limited, the store's applications are safe and won't put you at risk of installing malware.

Our take

Amazon Appstore is a great but limited alternative to the popular app stores currently available for Android devices. The service has fewer apps to offer than the well-known Google Play Store but is usable for almost any device, unlike Samsung GalaxyApps. Overall it's a great tool to install and can offer a variety of discounts on paid items.

Should you download it?

Yes. This app is ideal if you're looking for an alternative APK store or using a Kindle Fire or Fire Stick device. The application is a great way to discover new games and services.


  • Manage your Amazon subscriptions
  • Find new apps
  • Works on non-Google supported devices
  • Use the virtual currency for better deals


  • Limited number of apps

Program available in other languages

Amazon Appstorefor Android

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