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Built-in app that runs the show

Google Play Services is the essential app that keeps your device and apps working properly.

It includes functions like authentication for accessing your services, synchronization of your contacts, and much more. Without these features, your apps may not work at all.

What is Google Play Services?

Google Play Services is software that constantly runs in the background of your Android device and essentially manages all the apps that you’ve downloaded from the Google Play store.

It also manages the access that your apps have to your Google account, device settings, location, and more. The app also manages services like push notifications.

How do I install Google Play Services?

It’s always best to download directly from the Google Play store. That way, you know for certain that you’re installing the latest version and that it’s the genuine app. 

Are Google Play services necessary?

If you’re using an Android phone and Google apps, then yes, it’s essential. 

Removing all Google services from your device will still leave you with alternative app sources, including F-droid and Huawei AppGallery, but they provide a smaller selection of apps vs Google Play.

There are ways of opting out of the Google ecosystem, but this normally invalidates your device’s warranty, so think carefully before you do so.

Why is Google Play services not working?

Play Services is essential to the correct functioning of your apps, so the first time that you see the “Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has Stopped.” message can be alarming. It’s usually because Play Services had a glitch and lost track of the data connection to your apps. Clearing the Google Play Services cache will usually resolve the issue.

What happens when you clear Google Play Services data?

Clearing the data is one way of resolving the issue of Google Play Services suddenly stopping. This is so nothing drastic will happen. However, there’s normally not much point in doing so, because the apps on your device will automatically add it back. All apps leave a little trail of data on your device to help them function more efficiently.

Our take

Google Play Services is used to update your Google apps and keep them running smoothly. It also provides authentication to your Google services.

If you’re using an Android device, unless you have strict data privacy preferences, it makes sense to have Play Services looking after your phone for you.

Should you download it?

Yes. It’s the ideal solution for taking care of your mobile device if you don’t mind Google’s access to your data.


  • Free
  • Constantly updated
  • Manages your background services


  • The first time the service stops can be worrying
  • Google has access to your data

Program available in other languages

Google Play Servicesfor Android

24.13.19 (190400-626168189)

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