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Earn money by receiving text messages with the McMoney app

McMoney is a clever application that is used by researchers to test the reach of marketing campaigns. The application works by sending text messages to registered users, and the users are then paid for every message that they receive. Similar applications to McMoney include Cash app.

How to use McMoney

McMoney is very simple to use. Users only have to install the application and then keep it on their smartphone. The application doesn't require the user to respond to messages or interact with it in any other way. McMoney is small, unobtrusive, and lightweight and apart from receiving a random text message every now and again, users are barely aware of the application.

Earn money by installing the McMoney application

A small amount of money is credited to the user's McMoney balance for every text message that the user receives. McMoney differs from other applications in that the payment is in the form of real cash, not loyalty points or other incentives. Once the user has accumulated a certain balance, they can request a payout via PayPal.

Our take

McMoney is an unobtrusive and useful application that allows users to earn a small amount of money with minimal effort. The application is safe to use and comes with a dashboard where users can view their McMoney account balance and request payouts. All in all, McMoney is worth installing.

Should you download it?

The application is stable, and although you may receive a few random text messages from time to time, you will also receive some money as compensation. The user-friendly interface of the application makes it suitable for both experienced and novice smartphone users, and the minimal interaction that the app requires means that it won't become a nuisance.


  • Easy to install and setup.
  • Allows users to earn money passively.
  • Not obtrusive or demanding to use.
  • Well-designed user interface.


  • Not available for all operating systems.
  • Minimum threshold for the payout of earnings.
  • Requires users to receive random text messages.

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McMoneyfor Android


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