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Adguard is a free Android content blocker for Samsung and Yandex browsers. It works in the same way as Adguard and Google Chrome Extension, protecting your data and preventing unwanted ads from appearing. The developers designed it specifically for use in these browsers only.

What is AdGuard: Content Blocker for Samsung and Yandex?

If you’ve browsed the internet or played online games on your phone, you’ll know how frustrating the advert pop-ups can be. AdGuard: Content Blocker for Samsung and Yandex browsers removes this obstacle, presenting an enjoyable experience on your phone while preventing data theft and malware

Top features of Adguard: Content Blocker

Besides blocking adverts, the app also provides several other solutions. While some are more useful than others, it provides added protection from malicious ads:

  • Adblock list: Contains an existing filter list of the most common adverts to block instantly
  • Whitelist: Some content creators have websites that are immediately identified as promotional sites, but you can add them to your whitelist if you visit them often
  • Customized filters: You can create rules for filters deciding which types to block
  • Open-source: The app is entirely transparent, and you can view the code on GitHub

Battery usage

Content that’s heavy with resources, specifically video ads, tends to drain your phone’s battery more than is necessary. Since Adguard blocks this content from your device, you’ll see longer battery life. Of course, it depends on whether you increase activity on the phone after the ads are gone.

Protecting your privacy

Some hackers design ads to steal your data and information, or they invade your privacy by spying on your activity. AdGuard: Content Blocker for Samsung and Yandex prevents this from happening, ensuring that your info remains safe from prying eyes.

Our take

AdGuard: Content Blocker for Samsung and Yandex does more than advertised. It protects your data and lets you create rules for the ad types you want to block, ensuring that your phone remains safe. While it’s limited to specific browsers, there are plenty of tools to take advantage of.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you have Samsung and Yandex browsers on your Android phone and hate adverts.


  • Protects your privacy
  • Blocks pop-ups and adverts
  • Prolongs battery life
  • Provides custom filters
  • Enables whitelist


  • Limited to specific browsers

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

AdGuardfor Android


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