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For people who are easily bothered by pesky online advertisements, Adblock is a popular and effective Chrome extension that filters out any ads that hamper your browsing experience.

The perfect chrome extension

Adblocker is now a staple for many internet users, being the most popular ad blocking tool in a world where people want their content unfettered by spam and irrelevant advertising.

Inspired by the original Adblocker Plus made for Firefox, Adblock was first released in 2009. Today, it is both the most downloaded Chrome extension and one of the most widely-used ad blockers on the web, with over 200 million downloads.

Adblock is an efficient and easy-to-use application in a world where people want their content unfettered by spam and irrelevant advertising. It filters everything promotional: Facebook ad, Google ads, flash ads, pop-ups, banners. Any kind of ad you can imagine. Adblocker is an essential tool used to streamline general internet use.

With this powerful extension, you can tweak your browsers into showing only the content you want to see. There are filters and settings to allow pop-ups on certain pages. This applies to sites with firewalls that insist on disabling ad blockers, or sites that need to use flash. In spite of its request for access to your history and web data, it does not monitor any of your personal information.

It’s easy to install and completely free. Every internet user should take advantage of Adblock’s smooth and efficient operating system.

Where can you run this program?

Adblock is an extension that can be used on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera web browsers.

Is there a better alternative?

No. While there are a lot of good ad blocking extensions and applications on the market, it’s hard to find one more widely-used and well-received than Adblock.

Our take

Adblock ticks all of the boxes for what an app or extension of this type should provide. It’s smooth, efficient, and easy to use.

Should you download it?

Absolutely. Ad blockers are a necessity nowadays, and Adblock is at the top of its game.


  • Blocks ads in every form
  • Free to download
  • Requires no personal information
  • Installs/uninstalls without bugs


  • Restricted to certain browsers
  • Can make web pages look empty
  • Might block important page features by accident

Also available in other platforms

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Adblockfor Windows


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