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Google’s free handwriting recognition app

Google Handwriting Input is a free smartphone keyboard tool that gives you an alternative way of typing out messages on any app. It lets you write by hand, recognizing your script and turning it into on-screen text.

A different input option

While the technology behind this software is quite complex, the gist is straightforward. You’ll write freehand on your smartphone display, and it’ll recognize words in 82 languages and transcribe it into text. The software decodes emojis, too.

The tool renders jumbled scripts with great accuracy. While it’s not 100% right when the writing isn’t neat, the precision remains high even with the messiest scribbles. 

Moreover, Google accepts and welcomes reports of your app usage. Every new bit of information it receives leads to recognition improvements.  

Simple setup 

Once you download and install the program, it’ll lead you through the necessary steps to enable the required permissions. You’ll have it up and running in no time. 

However, you have to set the app as your default option to use it. Then, each time you click anything that activates the keyboard, you won’t see the traditional interface but a drawing space. 

If you want to switch languages, visit the Input Language bar in the settings and tap the option you prefer. You can write a letter at a time or word-by-word. Unlike SwiftKey or Swype, this one makes you switch apps to access the usual letter setup.

Speed issues

This program is an extraordinary piece of tech. But still, standard keyboards offer much faster typing actions, especially with the predictive text tools. 

Plus, you can’t write across your entire screen.  You can only use the field at the bottom, making it challenging to reproduce longer words. It’s much more efficient on tablets and with the use of a stylus.

Our take

Overall, Google Handwriting Input performs its tasks surprisingly well, giving users a scope of writing options. However, it doesn’t seem all that practical for daily use. 

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’d like to test your handwriting skills against powerful recognition technology. But, don’t expect it to replace your staple keyboard.


  • Accurate handwriting recognition
  • Supports emoji
  • Free of charge
  • Simple setup


  • Slower typing
  • Small writing space
  • No traditional keyboard option

Google Handwriting Inputfor Android


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