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The internet has changed how we function these days and adware is as much part of your browsing as searching for daily weather forecasts. But, adware is unwanted and can be harmful. Performix developed AdGuard, with the primary focus to block unwanted and potentially malicious advertisements.

How does it work?

Advertisements popping up on your screen as banners and floating windows are frustrating, which hinders your ability to effectively search the web. They usually take the form of banners, pop-ups, and videos. AdGuard acts as an extension for Safari while browsing. It is essentially a piece of software code that eliminates advertised content from your browser while in use. 

The main features

AdGuard offers you powerful tools to combat the slew of targeted advertisements. Advertisements can account for up to 50% of the data required to load a web page. By deflecting these prompts, you effectively decrease data usage. As a result, browser loading time is dramatically lowered. 

Also, web analytics and filters ensure that your data and browsing habits are kept confidential.

Other providers 

Norton Ad Block and Firefox Focus are well-established players in browser privacy and protection landscape, and are designed to protect your internet surfing. Blockada offers you adequate protection, but also offers in-app purchases. These purchases unlock several tools to assist Safari.

As with all browser protection add-ons, functionality and privacy are key. Some blockers do have agreements with advertisers permitting specific ads to still appear, and even worse, some blockers do provide your data to third-party marketers. 

Our take

This application is excellent for protecting against malware while browsing on Safari. The software is stable and works effortlessly. You are in control of the ads that populate in your browser while you surf.

Should you download it

Yes, this app should be downloaded! Browsing the web with this application makes your experience pleasant. Cluttered web pages that were once avoided have now become much more legible and easier to navigate.


  • Safari loads webpages faster
  • You have control over the sites you are able to access
  • Web pages have been decluttered by blocking ads


  • Sites may be have limited functionality
  • Not all ads are blocked due to the blocking algorithm

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AdGuardfor iOS


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