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Free, online privacy protection app w/WARP is a free software that functions similarly to a VPN. The app uses DNS protocols to optimize your connection and ensure its security. It’s developed by Cloudflare and can speed up your connection too.

The software offers the privacy of a VPN but doesn’t change your location data or how online sites view you. However, if you’re searching for an actual VPN, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark are great alternatives. WARP is easy to use and can be enabled with a few taps.

Safe to use

WARP is entirely safe to use on your Mac computer, as it doesn’t sell your private data, a task many internet service providers do. Your website data will be encrypted through the app, preventing any snoopers from identifying your web history.

Online privacy

WARP enables better online privacy by encrypting your web traffic as you browse. The app prevents any service provider from viewing the websites you visit and selling that information. 

Not a VPN

WARP isn’t a VPN service, but offers a similar level of protection from your internet service provider’s prying eyes. Many companies take your browsing information and sell it to third parties, but the encryption used with WARP prevents them from reading the data.

Free WARP is free to use and mainly protects your data, which it does well. However, with the WARP+ package, you’ll see increased internet speeds. Aside from the speed, the app functions as a free alternative to many VPNs.

Faster connections

Using WARP+, you’ll connect to the routes offered by Cloudflare. This speeds up browsing by about 30%. Additionally, since the software isn’t a VPN, you don’t have to wait for your information to get back to your location.

Our take

WARP is a great application to install if you don’t want the lag that normally accompanies a VPN. The software simply uses a protocol to change the DNS settings, providing privacy as it encrypts your web traffic. The app is free to use and has the premium benefit of using Cloudflare routes and speeding up your online connection into a warp drive.

Should you download it?

Yes. Downloading this app is a fantastic way to keep your personal data safe online and away from people who shouldn’t see it.


  • Free
  • Speeds up connection to websites
  • Enhances online privacy


  • Not an actual VPN

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