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Dreamscape explorer

Yume Nikki is a program made in RPG Maker 2003. Players control a teenager shut-in named Madotsuki, and explore her dreams looking for different items. Along the way, these items can be used to explore hidden game areas. 

Traveling through the farthest reaches of the mind

Your objective is to explore these strange new worlds, and to find all 24 items known as effects to beat the game.

Yume Nikki is an exploration horror title set in the dreamscape of the main character. When you fall asleep, the main character can go into an area known as the Nexus, which serves as the central hub. In this area, 13 doors lead to different unnamed worlds with your aim being to find items known as effects. 

These effects are a variety of different things, like a flute or a frog, arguably the most useful thing is the bike which doubles movement speed. Effects are also useful for exploring the games hidden areas. There are a variety of special events, and easter eggs that can only be found by using certain effects in tandem with each other. This helps adding extra layers of gameplay. Another cool feature of the game is that some of the initial 13 worlds are interconnected. The way they’re connected requires you to go through multiple levels, which is an interesting mechanic. There are some in-game enemies, but you don’t die. You are transported to an inescapable room.

The only way to exit is through waking up, which is done by pressing the nine key. This wakes up your character, and you go back to sleep again, go to the Nexus and try to avoid that enemy next time around. Once everything is collected, players get to see the twist ending.

Where can you run this program?

This program is available on Windows computers.

Is there a better alternative?

Claire, To The Moon, and Misao are all similar in the sense that they’re 2D adventure games that are set in an open world.

Our take

This title has a lot of different layers to it, which makes playing it in interesting. Chaining effects is fun, and the only negative is the ending.

Should you download it?

Yes. It’s a great title that does an excellent job with balancing easter eggs, symbolism, and item effects all in an open world environment.


  • Variety of easter eggs
  • Lots of hidden areas and random events
  • Uses a variety of animation styles


  • No dialogue
  • The ending isn’t great
  • Most effects that are collected are useless

Program available in other languages

Yume Nikkifor Windows


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