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Improve Old School Runescape’s gameplay

OSBuddy is a popular choice to improve Old School Runescape's (OSRS) gameplay on your Windows PC. Whether you’re a veteran player or a newbie, the program fixes various quirks in Old School RuneScape. The toolkit gives you more options in the interface without compromising on-screen space. The OSBuddy download features a simple interface, and the screen doesn’t change while the software is running.

Multiple new features, simple interface, and easy customizations

Simply put, OSBuddy is a comprehensive toolkit to improve your experience and gameplay in the Old School RuneScape game. The program gives you access to numerous plugins, so you can enjoy better graphics and visuals. Since the program was developed to be compatible with the hugely popular role-playing game, it lets you track scores, important gaming moments, and offers other relevant features.

What about the interface?

While using OSBuddy, you don’t need to worry about a modified interface in the OSRS game. The program adds some subtle features to enhance gameplay. When you launch OSBuddy for Windows, the software lets you view items lying idle on the floor. Other commonly used features include the option to take a screenshot, chat with users around the world, scrutinize enemy points, etc.

Also, the program integrates some new tabs on the right-hand side of the screen. These tabs come with important information related to goods’ prices, auctions, OSBuddy exchange, and more. From this section, you can also view the skill level of other players, experience with each skill, etc. The RuneScape toolkit also has a tab for listing plugins and modules, which can significantly improve your gaming experience.

What can you do with OSBuddy?

OSBuddy comes with multiple options, which users can pick on the basis of customizations required. For instance, the application comes with various modules, which is ideal to modify the interface, complete different tasks, and proceed in the game without too many hurdles. There are also many gameplay-improving plugins, which are readily available for careful selection.

Most players love the Old School RuneScape game because of the tough controls, different levels of difficulty, and other similar aspects. While playing this game, you need to keep track of multiple variables using math and logic. OSBuddy for Windows comes with integrated notepads and spreadsheets to help players retain important details.

In addition to simple integrations, the OSBuddy download focuses on customizable trackers and timers to manage different activities and tasks. With these tools, you can create reports of skills, experience, activities, and farming. The program’s simple interface also gives convenient access to critical data anytime you need such information.

A major advantage of using OSBuddy is how it integrates social media into the game. With this program, you can activate these features, so you can log in with your social media credentials to share game progress with friends. Additionally, this feature lets you chat with other players logged in to OSRS.

Is OsBuddy free to use?

Like most toolkits designed to improve gaming experience, the OSBuddy download comes in free and pro versions. While the first one comes with limited features, it is ideal for the casual gamer. The pro version requires a nominal monthly fee and gives access to more features, plugins, and information. For instance, it displays a map icon to depict where your character exactly died. It also shows the location where hunting traps were placed, letting you work on a strategy accordingly.

Our take

OSBuddy is a well-designed RuneScape toolkit, which is an excellent addition for players interested in OSRS. The popular third-party software comes with various built-in features. Moreover, it can improve the gameplay of this leading role-playing game for Windows PCs. 

Considering the support for displaying enemy information, adding text to the loot, and multiple interfaces, OSBuddy is a great choice to improve your in-game experience.

Should you download it?

Whether you go ahead with the free version or choose to pay for the premium version of the program, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re a fan of OSRS, this toolkit is highly recommended. The program is safe to download and install and doesn’t cause any issues with data privacy or security.

It features an OSBuddy Exchange, which is similar to an app store. From this section, you can purchase or download various modules and plugins. Additionally, the toolkit supports multiple integrations and features to offer hours of entertainment and fun. The program is available for multiple OS, including Windows, Android, Linux, etc. While the software doesn’t have an alternative, players can try Tencent Gaming Buddy, Facebook Gameroom, and Ubisoft Connect for other gaming options.


  • Comes with a simple interface
  • Improves gameplay
  • Offers multiple new features
  • Available for multiple OS


  • Free version comes with limited features

Program available in other languages

OSBuddyfor Windows


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