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Paid wrestling game

WWE 2K20 is a purchasable wrestling game for Windows with many of your favorite fighters and the ability to create one yourself. The title is one of many in a long line of series, but shows a few stability issues after playing for a couple of hours.

Fun gameplay

WWE 2K20 is a wrestling game where you fight opponents until they tap out. There are various match modes available to play, each altering the gameplay and player objectives. The controls are simple, but with many move sets and interactable items in the environment, the combat is entertaining and not repetitive. 

The ‘MyCareer’ mode lets you create a character and begin your journey as a pro wrestler. You’ll need to complete matches and work your way to the top of the roster.

One of many in the series

WWE 2K20 is one of many similar games in the line of WWE 2KX titles for PC. However, WWE 2K21 was canceled and has never received a release. 

Create your own wrestler

WWE 2K20 lets you make and edit your own pro wrestler that is usable in various game modes, including MyCareer. You can dress your character up using a large selection of outfits and accessories, turning yourself into the fiercest-looking pile of muscle or a beefy and well-dressed fighter.

Stability issues

WWE 2K20 experiences many bugs and instability issues that make it unplayable after a few game-time hours. Often this issue causes the game to crash and lose your progress in a fight. Additionally, the game will glitch and forget to save various aspects of clothing on your custom characters. All of these issues continue to make the game feel frustrating and poorly developed.

Our take

While WWE 2K20 has many fun gameplay elements, its instability on Windows makes it a poor choice to play. Other titles in the series, such as WWE 2K19 and WWE 2K17, offer remarkably similar gameplay but with better performance at the cost of slightly less impressive graphics. 

Should you download it?

No. There are many better WWE games available from previous years that have better stability and similar gameplay.


  • Continuation in a great series
  • Create your own wrestler
  • Variety of game modes


  • Stability issues during fights
  • Odd layouts
  • Specific parts of outfits don’t save

Program available in other languages

WWE 2K20for Windows


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