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Free horror game

‘Start Survey?’ is a free downloadable horror game that you can play on your Windows computer. The title uses an optional grayscale effect to create a creepy and spine-chilling environment. As the game is a short gameplay, you won't have any issues understanding the controls. While it uses your device’s information, it’s not a virus or malware. 

Short gameplay

What is the length of the ‘Start Survey?’ game? The game is around five minutes if you read fast and rapidly progress through the game. However, even if you play the title slowly, you’ll struggle to last fifteen minutes. 

Unfortunately, there’s limited replayability as the title is linear, making this a short, one-time game. There's no collection of secret endings or achievements to find as you play, only questions that need answers.

Simple controls

While playing 'Start Survey?', you'll only need to use a couple of controls. The button mapping is simple to understand and easy to remember. 

When in the game, your mouse controls where you look, the interact button, and how you use the zoom option. The only button from your keyboard that you’ll use is the "C" key, which changes the display color to normal instead of greyscale. 

Grayscale or color

Playing the game in greyscale will emphasize the eeriness of the short gameplay. However, if you dislike this mode or it hurts your eyes, you can disable it. Once disabled, you can reactivate it by pressing the same button again.

Well-created atmosphere

The greyscale design and the limited view in front of you creates an eerie atmosphere. As you stare at the question to answer, you’ll begin feeling unnerved as the problems begin relating to your information. The room feels realistic, as you can pick up and rotate items as you attempt to look away from the laptop screen.

Our take

Overall, ‘Start Survey?’ is a great horror game with a unique concept surrounding answering questions. The title offers similar environments that keep you on the edge of your seat, similar to Little Nightmares II and The Medium. The game's downside is its limited playtime and use of your system information.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you're looking for a quick and scary horror game that's fun to play and offers a unique concept, this title is a great choice.


  • Creepy atmosphere keeps you on the edge of your seat
  • Simplistic controls
  • Option to disable grayscale


  • Extremely short
  • Uses your computer’s system information

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Start Survey?for Windows


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