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Ragdoll physics game

People Playground is a game that revolves around attacking, maiming, or otherwise tossing around ragdolls. It’s amongst a list of games that revolve around the brutality and fun physics as a calling point to new players.


In People Playground, you place small humanoid figures on an absolutely massive area and build unique contraptions to play with them. These figures move and behave like ragdolls and react in realistic, and sometimes comical, ways to stimuli. Explosives will send them flying, ropes will make them swing, too much force and they’ll fall apart.

The game has a massive arsenal of weapons and tools to build unique contraptions. These can be as simple as shooting your ragdoll with a rifle all the way to creating a catapult and skeet shooting them with a tank. There’s virtually no limit to the number of unique ways you can abuse physics and the ragdolls.


Some complaints that could be made about People Playground is that the game is purposeless. It’s nothing but wanton violence in a fully customizable space. The sheer brutality of the game can also be a turnoff to those that deplore the type of action you see in this game.

Beyond the interesting physics and the open-ended nature, the game has nothing to offer. Unfortunately, the game is not free. This can be a deterrent to Steam players as it’s not a game that you can invest time into to see a story to fruition.


There’s a great deal of competition for People Playground. Games that follow a similar physics simulation nature such as Turbo Dismount attract half of the People Playground player base. The other half is attracted by brutality, from games such as Happy Room.

Turbo Dismount is a vehicle physics game with a heavy focus on ragdolls. You usually set a car off on a simple track and let your ragdoll explode.

Happy Room is almost identical to People Playground but on a much smaller scale. The game is also a lower cost, though still has a cost when compared to People Playground.

Our take

People Playground is brutal, gratuitous violence, or rather an outlet for such. The game has no substance, no story, and nothing to add beyond interesting physics and the ability to be highly creative. Despite this, the game is fun and very well built.

Should you download it?

Yes, if the game draws your attention and fits your preferences.


  • Fun
  • Simple
  • Open to creativity


  • Needlessly brutal
  • No story

People Playgroundfor Windows


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