World of Warshipsfor Windows


Over 300 ships

World of Warships is a massively multiplayer game where you can control one of the hundreds of different battleships and face other players in naval combat.

Great F2P model

World of Warships is an exciting naval combat simulator that you can tackle alone or join your squad of friends in harsh battles.

World of Warships is an amazingly free-to-play MMO game, where players that purchase in-game items are equal to any other users that haven’t spent any money. This makes the game great for anyone willing to work for their items.

The combat may be slow-paced due to the heavy reliance on aiming; however, this doesn’t diminish its enjoyment. The various ship types allow for a large variety of gameplay, allowing you to attack from afar or from up close. The only lacking mechanic in-game is the use of a submarine.

World of Warships is an MMO, the meaning is best played with friends. Thanks to the cross-platform support that the game offers, you can join your buddies from across the PlayStation, computer, or Xbox.

There are over 300 ships in the game currently, all of which have a historical background. Some of the most famous boats include the Bismarck, Iowa, and Yamato. However, there are much more available for you to collect while playing.

The only lacking feature that’s genuinely noticeable in WoW is the detailing for the map’s graphics. When compared to the details on your ship, the world around you isn’t as immersive as the boat design.

Where can you run this program?

World of Warships is available for Windows 7 and up as well as macOS 10.7.5.

Is there a better alternative?

No. However, if you prefer other forms of combat, you can play World of Tanks or World of Warplanes, which have a similar gameplay style.

Our take

World of Warships is a fun and strategic game where a careful and precise aim is the only way to achieve victory.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you love warships and want to experience strategic naval combat, this game is a great title to download.


  • Strategies are enjoyable
  • Tons of ships
  • Great visuals


  • Ship movement is slow
  • Turning is difficult
  • Microtransactions

World of Warshipsfor Windows

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