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World of Pets is a free-to-play massive multiplay online (MMO) game for Windows and many other devices. The title is developed by PlaySide in April 2021. The game is highly colorful and fun, providing a friendly and safe environment to hang out in. However, due to its young target audience, there is little substance to the game.

While playing, you can create a character and dress them in clothing you like. After hatching your first egg, you’ll receive a pet to show off. Most of the gameplay revolves around pets and interaction with other players, much like in TemTem and Maplestory 2.

Best with friends

World of Pets is an MMO that offers social features to enjoy with your friends. However, you’ll mostly hang out and chat with other players while showing off each other's pets. Additionally, you can gather and trade items with other players, and many scenic locations for you to discover.

Fun art style

The style of art used for World of Pets is fun and creative, allowing you to get lost amidst the colorful town quickly. The pets are all easily seen and worth trying to hatch due to their cute style. 

Character creation

Upon first playing, you’ll create your own character and dress them up in the fashion you choose. You can later purchase more accessories and clothing as well as facial features. However, these purchases may require you to spend money on premium currency. Fortunately, you can earn in-game currency as you complete quests.

Adopt pets

Pets are the main content of the world of pets and there are many different types of animals to collect. Looking at a World of Pets wiki will show you how many creatures there are and their levels of evolution you can unlock. Making potions will help your pet turn into the pet you desire.

Our take

While World of Pets offers little more than social interaction and a few ways to spend time, the game is decent. However, unlike TemTem, another pet collecting game, the title doesn't offer a lot of challenges to players. A more popular yet social MMO, Maplestory 2, is a better alternative due to its customizability and challenge.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you have a child and want to introduce them to MMOs, this title is a great way to play online with friends safely.


  • Play with friends online
  • Adorable art style
  • Create your own character
  • Adopt various pets


  • Many in-game purchases

World of Petsfor Windows


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