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Norris Nuts have created a game pack that looks so adorable it may just turn you into a fully-fledged animal lover! World of Pets is a free game that will take you on journeys to develop your pet into an almighty and all-cute game character. 

You’ll need to collect, hatch, and tame these creatures from pet eggs to progress through the levels. It’s similar in gaming experience to Farmville, WolfQuest, Terraria, and Cutesy. 

Who are the Norris Nuts?

You may, or may not, be surprised to learn that the Norris Nuts gaming is a family of six. Dad, Mom, and their four children are the drivers behind this title for Macintosh. In the beginning, there was just a YouTube channel of the family. The family is creative and talented. The father swam in the Olympics, the kids are producing music, and they have a fanbase of over 5 million followers.

System requirements

The game requires 1.2GB of data and your Mac needs to be running on macOS 11.0 or later with the Apple M1 chip. The program is available across multiple platforms such as Mac, iOS, iPad, and PC. This title is found on the Apple App store and is safe for the entire family.

How do I start playing

It would help if you created a profile for you to explore the world. Collecting pet eggs is only possible once you’ve registered an account. You start by customizing your character - If you think they resemble the Norris family members, you are 100% correct. You can even purchase a Founder’s Pack, which gives you 1400 gems, 15,000 coins, six pet eggs, and a few other surprises.

Other game like this

Several iterations of social adventure games include animals to increase the cute factor of the title. Farmville, WolfQuest, and Cutesy offer animal-type stories but with limited social adventure tasks. Download the basic game for free from the website or purchase the Founders Pack to start.

Our take

The game is fun and has missions that will keep you entertained for hours on end. The characters are friendly and have a playful demeanor. The graphics are vivid, making it appealing to all age groups, especially if you are an animal devotee.

Should you download it

Yes. You should download this game! It offers in-app purchases for gems and coins which means you can grow those pets into the beautiful animals they should be. Quests are varied, and there is a large support base for any problems you may encounter.


  • Smooth graphic rendering
  • There is a large world to explore which will keep the monotony away
  • Characters are fun and can be customized
  • There are new pets and updates available


  • In-app purchases can be expensive to buy

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

World of Petsfor Mac


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