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Windows 11 Manager - Control your PC

Windows 11 Manager is a tool designed to help you get the most out of your Windows 11 computer. It's packed with features to improve your system's performance, clean up unnecessary files, and boost security. Whether you're looking to speed up your PC, clean up your hard drive, or tighten security settings, this software offers a complete suite of tools to tackle these tasks.

What does this app offer?


Windows 11 Manager includes powerful features to make your computer run faster and more efficiently:

  • Adjusts settings to speed up your system.
  • Lets you set up your computer to start faster by managing which programs launch at startup.
  • Helps manage and streamline services and drivers that your computer uses.
  • Organizes tasks that your computer runs on a schedule to help it work more quickly.


This software also helps you keep your computer clean, which can also make it faster:

  • Analyzes and displays which files and programs are taking up the most space.
  • Cleans up old and unnecessary files from the WinSxS folder, making it smaller.
  • Completely removes unwanted programs without leaving leftover files or registry issues.
  • Helps manage and clean up unused shortcuts and files on your desktop.
  • Finds and deletes duplicate and junk files to free up space.
  • Cleans and organizes the registry, which helps your computer run more smoothly.


You can customize many aspects of how your Windows looks and works:

  • Changes settings in File Explorer, the Desktop, and the Taskbar to fit your preferences.
  • Adds or changes items in various system locations like This PC or the Desktop.
  • Manages right-click menus for files and the Start button, making them more useful.


Windows 11 Manager also enhances the security of your system:

  • Adjusts settings to lock down your system's security more tightly.
  • Encrypts and secures sensitive files.
  • Protects your privacy by cleaning up your tracks online and offline.
  • Helps recover files that you might have accidentally deleted.


It offers tools to manage and improve your network and internet connections:

  • Optimizes your internet settings for faster and more reliable connectivity.
  • Manages network settings and makes it easy to switch between different configurations.
  • Monitors and manages your Wi-Fi connections and other network tools.

Misc. Utilities

Additionally, it includes many other helpful tools:

  • Schedules and monitors tasks.
  • Provides a suite of utilities built into your Windows.
  • Splits large files into smaller parts or combines them back together.
  • Offers powerful copying and backup options to keep your files safe.

Is this app safe and is it easy to install?

Windows 11 Manager is safe to use. It doesn't contain any harmful software like viruses or Trojans, and it doesn't gather any personal information.

Installing the software is also easy:

  • Download and open the EXE file.
  • Follow the prompts from the installation wizard to complete the setup.

Windows 11 Manager is essential for anyone looking to improve their Windows 11 system. It's packed with useful features that make managing, optimizing, and securing your computer straightforward and effective.


  • Plenty of useful features
  • Optimizer, cleaner and more
  • Safe to download


  • Only for Windows 11

Program available in other languages

Windows 11 Managerfor Windows


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