Free Android Data Recoveryfor Windows


Sync your Android files with your PC

Missing data from a phone would move anyone to tears. Don’t panic, find it fast with Free Android Data Recovery.

Reclaiming lost or deleted mobile data

Manually deleted files aren't always gone. You might be surprised at what you can still dig up.

Not a tech master? If recovering files or images from a phone isn’t part of your day job, no worries. Inexperience isn’t a problem with Free Android Data Recovery. Unlike some data finding tools, this one doesn’t need a Master’s degree in engineering to get it to work.

Did you delete something you needed? Did a virus wipe out a file? Nothing is more terrible than losing personal data. Lucky for you, Free Android Data Recovery has your back. This freebie service can help you get every bit of it back.

This program will dive deep and explore every nook and cranny in the system so you can reclaim your lost files. Whether you lost your files from improper handling, an operating system error, rooting, a virus, or your own accidental deletion, you may be able to get back your files. Yes, even if the memory was semi overwritten by an update or a download. It doesn’t matter. This program can track them down from within your phone and find them for you.

But first, switch off your WiFi so you don’t have an update auto install. Avoid turning off your phone or saving other files too. You don’t want to risk complete deletion of your original file. This program for your Android phone will work the best if you install and run it soon as you realize your error.

Be prepared for the worst case scenario. Some files may disappear for good because the system did a bit of housekeeping. Stop wailing and mashing buttons. Get proactive by installing and using this software -- before you somehow delete or overwrite other important files.

Get back what’s yours

What did you lose? Messages, gallery, contacts, notes, music and video, documents, WhatsApp content etc are all potential candidates for recovery. No matter what you lost, it takes three steps to hunt down files. This handy piece of software does the hard work for you. Three taps of a button and a USB connection can reclaim your missing items.

The last thing you want is to do more damage. This mobile reclamation program will protect the data you have without harming anything. You can run the program and look for your files without worrying about making things worse.

All thumbs around tech? If you can power on your Android, you can handle this program. It doesn't take much more than that. Installing Free Android Data Recovery takes mere seconds. You won't have to stress over your missing files for long. Connect your device to your laptop or desktop computer. Then, turn on USB debugging on your Android phone. See? It’s simple.

Still, every Android phone is different. The way to turn debugging on your phone may be different than your BFF's. Follow the right way to debug your phone without wasting time pecking around in your phone's settings. Of course, if this isn’t your first debugging rodeo on your current phone, you can skip this step.

Is your device recognized? If not, you will need to select the manufacturer, device, and model from the drop-down list. Sit tight during your phone's analysis. Whatever you do, don’t disconnect your device during the scan. You don’t want to end up corrupting your files and making them unusable altogether. When the scan finishes, you can check out the salvaged contents of your phone.

See at a glance what data is still hiding on your phone with Free Android Data Recovery. It's laid out by the type of file.

The number of items and the amount of space these items take up will appear along the bottom of the screen. It’s a good safeguard to make sure you aren’t trying to save documents for which you lack the space. Sort through the files and find what you want. You will have to upgrade to the paid version to recover them.

Where can you run this program?

Free Android Data Recovery is compatible Windows XP and higher. 

Is there a better alternative?

Android recovery apps are a dime a dozen. But not every app handles every type of file. Most recovery programs, like FonePaw Android Data Recovery ,dr.fone - Recover (Android), and EaseUS MobiSaver offer data preview. You can make sure your files are available before you shell out cash to restore your files.

Free Android Data Recovery is vague about the devices it works with though it lists popular phones like Huawei, Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, ZTE, and Motorola. FonePaw and dr.fone - Recover (Android) brag about compatibility with more than 6000 different types of Android phones. Free Android Data Recovery doesn't go into detail. Since the programs are all free in preview mode anyway, it isn't a deal-breaker. But, it’s worth noting you have worthwhile options if your phone refuses to connect.

Our take

No fuss, no hassle. A free preview option takes the guesswork out of finding your deleted files. Free Android Data Recovery is a one-stop shop for mobile data retrieval.

Should I download it?

Yes, you should download Free Android Data Recovery if you have deleted files in your phone. This straightforward app can help you get it all back before you pay for a program you may not need.


  • Jump in and view your deleted data in three steps
  • Recovers data loss due to a variety of reasons from viruses to rooting to accidental deletion
  • Organized recovered files so you can sift through data by type or service


  • Data recovery only allowed in premium (paid) version
  • How To guide is old-fashioned
  • Vague about what phones do and don’t work with the service

Free Android Data Recoveryfor Windows

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