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Speed up your Wi-Fi connection

Developed by XDA Developers, WiFiKill Pro is a hacking app for Android phones to help speed up your Wi-Fi connection. If you have the app running on your phone while connected to public Wi-Fi, other connected devices will think that your phone is a Wi-Fi router. When they try to connect to your phone, WiFiKill Pro will drop their connection. 

Disruption in the network

WiFiKill Pro helps to get rid of unwanted devices connected to your home network. The app works as a protective shield that blocks these unwanted connections, making your internet stronger and faster. 

Once you’ve opened the app, click ‘scan’ to find connected devices. The app will display all the information like the router IP and MAC addresses. Once you have this information, you can disconnect the devices from your network. 

Extra features for you

This app comes with extra features like viewing the data transfer rate of all downloads and uploads. You can track devices connected to your Wi-Fi network; it displays device names. The app supports Android tablets as well. The app only has one requirement: your Android device needs to be rooted.  

WiFiKill Pro Alternatives

WiFiKill Pro is not the only app of its kind. There are other apps like Network Analyzer Pro and WiFi Analyzer Pro. 

  • Network Analyzer Pro - This app helps monitor, analyze, and diagnose various issues you might have. Network Analyzer Pro does not only work for Wi-Fi connections but also other networks, including remote servers. 

  • WiFi Analyzer Pro - The WiFi Analyzer Pro app supports 2.4 and 5 GHz and can easily export results. Other than that, it does more or less the same task as WiFiKill Pro and Network Analyzer Pro.

Our take

Comparing the three apps, Network Analyzer Pro has the most valuable features, as it works with more network types. However, for the job WiFiKill Pro does, it is a great app. You can also use WIFI WPS WPA Tester to see if your network is vulnerable to attacks.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you are looking for a Wi-Fi protector app, WiFiKill Pro is the app for you, but if you use other networks, you should get Network Analyzer Pro. 


  • WiFiKill is a free app
  • It is very user-friendly
  • It speeds up your Wi-Fi connection
  • You can analyze and diagnose any threats to your connection


  • It only works for Wi-Fi connections
  • Use the app wisely, as it is not legal in most countries

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WiFiKill Profor Android


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