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Stop editing videos like it's 1999

Vegas Pro 16 has all the great features you want plus everything you need in professional-level video editing software.

Never procrastinate on video post-production again

Unleash your inner artist with video editing software containing all the tricks you need to up your video creating game.

Vegas Pro 16 is a video production, audio editing, and disc authoring program. Sit through the half hour installation process. Then, feast your eyes on the clean interface. For newcomers to the Vegas Pro family, it may appear familiar. File, Edit, View, Insert, Tools, Options, and Help menu tabs line the top of the screen as in other editing software.

While there are plenty of bells and whistles, like importing media from different devices, text layers, and amazing filters and special effects, figuring out the program isn't always easy. Once you do, you'll open up a world of editing options -- fast. Vegas Pro 16 prides itself on speed. It is quick to load and editing doesn’t lag or jump. The proxy workflow, an offline and online workflow, lets you edit what you need using a lighter proxy file or an offline low-res version. Those files will re-link to the original camera files for the final render. The whole process of working with Vegas Pro 16, even with the usual heavy video files, feels weightless -- once you get the hang of it.

At least the interface mimics that of every other program even if the terms are different. Your timeline appears at the top with the docking bay, where all your imported media (including 360* videos) will appear, along with the effects and transitions available for your project. You can even preview your masterpiece in progress. The lower half is your timeline, like in other editing software. This space houses where you import and edit your files. You can bring another window to the front with the simple click of a tab. Move a window within the docking area in no time by dragging the tab horizontally to the left or the right. If you want to undock a different tab, like the Explorer tab, in the first position, you drag it over vertically. In two seconds, you can reconfigure your docking windows to fit the way you work.

Videos, images, and audio files are an effortless add using the timeline. Drag-and-drop functions make starting any project a breeze. Of course, you can go “old school” and use the Explorer window to open files and upload media, but why add unnecessary steps? Your imported files are inside your project media window, and appear as clips (called Events in Vegas Pro). That same project media window is where you access Vegas Pro’s handy storyboard option. Rearranging your story is simple. Your images and video frames appear in rows, termed Video Tracks, while audio files (that’s all your speech and music files), are in the Audio Tracks area. Make changes to your main storyboard as you want and your timeline will adjust. If you want to rearrange parts of your video, but don’t want to lose your original, you will love the ability to add in sub storyboards. Mess around with your story sequence or experiment with different editing techniques. Do whatever you want. The sub timelines won’t affect a thing.

Motion tracking is here

Features new to Vegas Pro 16 add to the capabilities of this editing powerhouse. Add mask shapes, track whatever object you want to apply filters, special effects, and text with lock-tight tracking. Vegas Pro 16 upped their game again with the video stabilization revamp. Kiss shaky videos goodbye. Working with HD? Expect full support for HDR color (that’s high dynamic range color), so you can play around with your HDR footage from videos or camera. Preview your work as you go on HDR reference monitors. You’ll never have to guess if your project is crisp and clear again.

All done? DVD architect adds polish to your project. Use the program to preview your DVD before you burn it to a disc. With eighty templates, plus that handy drag-and-drop interface appearing again, you can customize your DVD menus and include interactive features. This video editing software takes your DVD creation from basic to professional.

Where can you run this program?

 You’ll need Microsoft Windows 7 - 10 and plenty of room on your computer for this hefty software. 

Is there a better alternative?

Final Cut Pro, PowerDirector, and Nero Video are viable options, but Adobe Premiere is Vegas Pro 16’s chief competitor. Both programs have a familiar interface and many of the same options. They use different terms and sometimes have alternate ways of doing the same functions.

Adobe Premiere doesn’t offer the simple “S” click like Vegas Pro to split two clips in the editing software. Instead of pressing the keyboard key “s,” to make a cut, you have to use the razor tool. It’s not as precise as Vegas Pro, even after zooming in. Adobe Premiere does offer a keyboard shortcut workaround, they call it “add edit,” but the out-of-the box processes of Adobe Premiere don’t feel as intuitive. But, playing with the filters and effects is a drawn-out process in Vegas Pro. You have more clicks to take as you need to dig in the menu and tap the option you want, before the system pops-up the adjustment filter bar.

Vegas Pro is the easiest option to understand between the two, but you will exchange the level of control you have for the ease of use. For all the pluses to Vegas Pro 16, Adobe Premier has the edge for anyone going beyond beginner mode.

Our take

Vegas Pro 16 is the perfect option for a video editor who needs an upgrade from basic entry-level programs. This software still provides excellent filters and effects, nice stabilization plus tracking, without bogging you down in unnecessary bloat.

Should I download it?

Yes, check out this free software for capable video editing. You won’t need to spend as much time figuring out how to use the program so you can do what you do best in less time.


  • Familiar interface and customization options
  • Hundreds of built-in effects and filters
  • Simple per-frame editing capabilities
  • Innovative storyboard for tweaking videos without affecting the main storyline


  • Not always easy to figure out the options for new user
  • Windows only
  • Slow installation process

Vegas Profor Windows


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