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Unique mobile trading platform

Uphold is a global, money transaction platform that supports a combination of over 30 currencies and cryptocurrencies, as well as precious metals. The mobile app transfers the entire experience to the smaller screen, making it painless to store assets, send funds, and exchange currencies while keeping security at the forefront.  

Anything-to-anything trading

This app features a unique approach to trading that allows you to convert any asset into another in a single step. Other platforms, such as Edge, require at least two trades, imposing double the fees. 

The options are comprehensive, including:

  • 27 national currencies
  • 30 digital currencies
  • 51 US stocks
  • 4 precious metals


Apart from trading, you can send any currency to friends and family. You can also link the platform to your bank account or debit card to deposit and withdraw funds through the simple user interface. 

While there aren’t any fees for withdrawals or trades, Uphold isn’t free. You pay for some activities for example when you buy an asset.

User-friendly interface

The app is straightforward and intuitive, letting you place orders and trade your assets with several screen taps. Your portfolio, money transfers, and all other desktop features are available too.

Uphold displays the latest market data for all assets you’re interested in, up to the fifth decimal. Receiving live insight facilitates successful trading and accurate calculations. If you’re new, you’ll find an education center with a knowledge base and the Cryptoinary in-app to learn or review the basics.

Safety first

Uphold emphasizes powerful privacy features. However, unlike with Blockchain, you’ll have to disclose your identity to become verified and start trading. Once you accomplish this, the platform will encrypt all your private keys to deter hacking attempts. The security team monitors all activities 24/7 to flag suspicious activities. On your end, setting up two-factor authentication for your account helps you guarantee protection.

Our take

Overall, Uphold’s approaches to trading, withdrawals, and security are formidable. Although the fees are high and the crypto support isn’t all-inclusive, it’s a well-rounded, high-quality service.

Should you download it?

Yes. This app is an excellent option for anybody seeking a flexible, fast trading platform.


  • Multi-currency support
  • Easy to set up
  • Logical interface
  • High-level security


  • Buying and conversion fees
  • No anonymous account option

Uphold - Trade Invest Send Money For Zero Feesfor Android


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